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Hogan covers all of this and it makes for interesting reading.  He discusses various topics such as the Dr. D/John Stossel incident, Wrestlemania, Richard Belzer, fame and more.


The book continues on through the 80's and into the 90s which held some major changes for Hogan.  As fan interest in Hulkamania waned, and the steroid trial made things uncomfortable in terms of the relationship between Hogan and McMahon, Bollea made the decision to leave the WWF and go over to WCW.  It was here that Hogan did possibly his most shocking act... he turned heel.  After so many years of school, prayers and vitamins, the thought of Hulk Hogan as a bad guy was unthinkable.  Yet it happened and gave Hogan another boost in popularity that spanned several years.


The book takes us up to Wrestlemania 18 in March of 2002.  The book contains a decent amount of photos from various periods in Hogan's career.  And overall, it's a very good look at his life, told by Hogan himself (and his ghost writer).  It certainly gave me some sort of insight into what it was to have been Hogan through those years and in fact, gave me a better appreciation of the man.


As it is with wrestling, it's sometimes hard to differentiate between fact and fiction.  How honest Hogan is throughout this book, I'm not able to say.  Are there some inaccurate facts.  Sure, probably.  But I'd like to believe that most of what we're told in the book took place or was how Hogan felt.


Overall, I found the book quite interesting and enjoyable.  Regardless of your feelings regarding Hogan, he's been one of the more fascinating wrestlers in the business over the last two decades and this book is well worth your time.  Recommended.

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