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The book is interesting, make no mistake and I think any pro wrestling fan might want to consider adding it to his library. It is a bit pricey at $22.95, but much of that is because it was essentially self-published. The book is available from Trafford Publishing, a print-on-demand service. Mullinax finishes the product, delivers it to Trafford for a fee (said fee covers printing and marketing costs). Because the book is printed with a upon-demand print run, the price will be higher. The downside of this sort of self-publication is that there is no editor to go over the book. And an editor is sorely needed. There are a ton of spelling errors, not just with normal, everyday words, but I remember seeing misspellings of other wrestlers… the biggest examples were Dorey Funk, Jr. or Ric Flare. Things like that, anal or not, irk me as a wrestling fan.

If you’re a Von Erich fan, this book is certainly for you. If you’re a general wrestling fan, there’s some interesting info in here that is worth your while. The book is available through the Trafford web site, or you can order it through KM’s Associate store in conjunction with at the link below.

The Secret of the Iron Claw  


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