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It's impossible for me to write about this book and not mention all the humor and inside jokes that are sprinkled throughout the book. Foley's wit is one of it's key selling points. Al Snow is his most frequent target. However, Foley is not above poking fun at himself. His self-deprecating humor goes to show that Foley isn't your typical egomaniac. In fact, he comes off as a normal guy who worked hard and followed his dream. A guy who tries to be a good dad and a good husband. That is why this is such a good book. Almost anyone who reads the book can see a little of themselves in Mick.

In conclusion, I give this book my highest possible recommendation. If you haven't read it yet, do so immediately. For a wrestling fan this book has it all. Foley covers every phase of his career and doesn't fail to mention all the names he passed along the way. Foley delivers stories about everyone from Ric Flair to the great Power Uti. Even if you aren't a wrestling fan, (and if you aren't then why are you surfing KM?) this a wonderful story of a guy who made it to the top despite the odds. I can't recommend it enough.

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