Bobby the Brain Heenan:  Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All
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The book is a journey.  It takes the reader inside the AWA, to the WWA, some of his NWA work, returning to the AWA, his big move to the WWF, and finally his unhappiness in WCW.  While on this journey with "the Brain", you get glimpses of his happiest times and those that made him shed a tear.  Overall, a very factual and insightful look into the real Bobby Heenan.  All of the top pro's of the AWA, WWA, WWF and WCW are mentioned, some with favor, and some with disdain.  Bobby pulls no punches when sharing his feelings on his colleagues, and some of the people that you would think he would hold contempt for, he will fool you, and say only kind things about them.

He thanks all his many buddies in the wrestling business and all the many famous people that he has had the pleasure to meet and work with.  Most of all, he thanks all the hundreds of thousands of wrestling fans, who are the reason he has had the success he has.  When talking of the fans, it is evident that Bobby is extremely grateful to all of us.  It also comes through loud and clear, that Bobby Heenan loves his wife Cindi and daughter Jessica.  They share the sentiment with their kinds words at the beginning of the book.  One of "the Brain's" biggest boosters...Hulk Hogan, sings words of praise as well for Heenan, and says it this way, "Bobby was a legendary wrestler, legendary.  He will go down in the books as someone who mastered the craft".

The entire book is all about the Bobby Heenan none of us ever really knew.  He shares of himself, his family, friends and includes several pages of photos from his personal collection.  Finally, Bobby shares his struggle over the last year and  a half with throat cancer, and how this is the most important match of his life.  He wants to win! 

YES, Bobby Heenan is "the Brain", and his book is a must for any wrestling fan from the 1950's to today.  This wrestling book is the MAIN EVENT!!!

Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All

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