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As great as the stories are, the many photos (over 200) help to bring the book alive. There are a lot of rare shots supplied by the wrestlers themselves, and some that have probably never been in print. Even the cover has a rare shot of Killer Kowalski stomping on the leg of a very young Dino Bravo. 

Other photo highlights include a great shot of “Sur Le Matelas”, the hockey team made up of Quebec wrestlers including The Leduc’s and Johnny Rougeau. A posed shot of Eddie Creatchman with Montreal promoter Lucien Gregoire and The Sheik is a rare one as well as a Garvin “family photo” featuring Terry, Ronnie, and a young Jimmy with blond hair. 

Jacques Rougeau Jr. helps out with the foreword and includes a family tree all the way to his own kids. They are also featured in the Families section and include some great rare snapshots of what could be the most athletic looking family ever! 

A partial list of inclusions includes Dewey Robertson, Moose Morowski, Velvet McIntyre, Roy McClarty, Don Jardine, Big John Quinn, Kurt Von Hess, Al Tomko, Bronko Nagurski, Killer Karl Krupp, Bulldog Bob Brown, Rick Martel, Jack Taylor, Don Eagle, Roddy Piper, Earl Mcready, Yvon Robert, George Gordienko and many more. 

At the book launch in Niagara Falls in March, many of the wrestlers attended and were genuinely thrilled to be a part of the book. They were eagerly looking themselves up and were very proud to be considered as part of an all-encompassing look at the Canadian greats. 

The Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame – The Canadians is already in use as an irreplaceable reference tool that can settle any argument about the origins of some of the world’s biggest mat stars, and will stand as a great documentation of our storied wrestling history.

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