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We never fooled around so it wasn't a jealousy thing, just that I had come from a more strict up bringing and there was just too much going on.


LSHow were you treated backstage by the wrestlers and promoters?


NR:  I was treated like the lady I am.  I never got dressed in front of the boys and always tried to get my own little room.   If I had to be in the same dressing room,  I would face myself with my back to the room and read Stephen King novels.  I got along great with everyone.  There was one time that Chris Adams was being nasty and playing with himself back behind me where he thought I could not see.   Gino came up and told him to lay off that I didn't deserve what he was doing, to go jack around somewhere else.  Chris stopped immediately, I think he realized what he was doing was wrong.  My Dad was right,  you demand respect-you get respect.


LSWere you ever asked to be involved in an angle that you didnít want to do? 


NR:  NO,  Tully was really good about making sure Dusty didn't go overboard.  He made sure what we did told a story and that each one of us had a part in the angle and not one person would get more heat than the other.


LSDuring the angle when you came on television with the envelope of pictures for Dusty Rhodes, how was that to be played out?


NR:  From the meetings we had, Dusty was going to be caught in bed with a girl. Possibly even a black girl.  Each week another piece of the picture would be exposed.  Like in a hotel room, with clothes strewn all over, then another with bodies in a bed, than another with a little more of the bodies shown.  Each week a little more of a tease.  Too bad it never worked out,  there is still a lot of interest over the angel that never happened.


LSWhat was your opinion of and relationship with Magnum TA?


NR:  Magnum was really green, even though he had been in Watts' territory.  But it was that newness that was so appealing.  He was very handsome and knew how to handle himself in the public.  He also knew how to talk to the girls and get them to come back week after week and bring more of their friends.  I will never forget our kiss.  The one where I told him to give me a call and handed him a business card.  He grabbed me and "tore" my sweater.  He kissed me and when I say he "kissed me"---he KISSED me.  That is when Tully came out from in back and they pummeled each other building up to the  I QUIT MATCH.  If you ever want to see potatoes....those guys beat the crap out of each other.  You can hear the thuds of their fists on each others faces.  He had a really intense feud with Tully -- both were trying to be the studs of the office.


LSWhen did you first meet Sam Houston?


NRSam and I first met in Spartanburg at my first TV taping.  I introduced myself and said I was a friend of his brothers.  He just said "Oh Hi" and walked on by.  It wasn't until later that summer when I did the 30 day deal with Dusty that we hit it off. 


LSHow long were you and Sam dating before you got married?


NRSam asked me to marry him on Halloween night '85 and we were  married one year to the day we first kissed, July 30, 1986.


LSDid you get along with Samís family pretty well?


NRWe got a long fine,  I found out a lot of things about the family I did not approve of after Sam and I were married.  Seems as if there were a lot of oddities and perversions but none were directed towards me or my girls.  Tully and my Dad were the ones that pointed out things to me that I needed to watch out for.


LSWhat was your favorite angle that took place during your association with Tully and other Horsemen?


NR:  I really don't know...there were so many little stories and angles that I was involved in.  From riding off on Floyd the horse, to spending Dusty's money in Hawaii on me and booze, to the I Quit match, to Jimmy Cornette, to the beginning of the 4 Horsemen, to coming back with Zbyszko, even the time I spent in Dallas with Jake, Gino, Chris and Gary Hart.  I had a blast.


LSWhat was your least favorite?


NR:  My least favorite was when they brought in Dark Journey to work with Tully instead of me.  I knew they were getting back at me.  And it was an insult.  The poor girl did not have a clue and was about as appealing as watching paint dry.  I really felt sorry for Tully--you could see it in his face on the interviews that she didn't give him much to work with. 


LSWas there something you would liked to have done, but never got the chance?


NR:  Besides having a longer career as Baby Doll,  I always wanted to ride in a helicopter. I was jealous of Sunshine when they flew her into the Cotton Bowl.  And was envious of Flair at the Bash when he was flown in.


LSWhen and how did you end your relationship with Jim Crockett Promotions?


NR:  The first time was when they shipped me to KC after I got married to Sam.  They didn't want me to get married and they were not shy to voice their disproval.  Dusty even called Sam's dad, Griz, to tell him to discourage his son from marrying me. The second time was with Zbyszko.  Sam was working for WWF and I was working for Crockett.  I just stopped getting put on the booking sheet.  There was no notice or anything just total elimination.


LSWere you ever asked to return to work for JCP or WCW?


NR:  Not after Zbyszko, they never asked, but I would have gone back in a heartbeat.  I loved the work.


LS:  Would you have, if asked?




LSDo you still watch wrestling?  If not, when did you stop, and why?


NR: I watch  every show, every chance I get, I am a total mark for the business.  I always have been.


LSHow was your relationship with other women in wrestling?


NRI have had two good female friends from the business, Patti Schroeder (LeLani Kai) and Patti Garvin (Precious).  I was friends with Missy Hyatt when she and Eddie G. lived down the street from us in Dallas. Mike and I even went to their wedding on Halloween night.  But we moved away and we didn't keep in touch. 


LS:  Was there any jealousy directed toward you by the wives or girlfriends of wrestlers you were associated with?


NRNo,  fortunately I was never asked of their husbands indiscretions.  I always wondered what would happen if I was ever asked what their husbands were up to when they were on the road.  I don't know if I could have been that good of a liar. but figured I could always cover myself by saying that I kept to myself and didn't really know what was going on.


LS:  Do you ever attend any wrestling reunions such as the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas?


NR:  No, I didn't even go to any of my High School reunions. Maybe one day though I will make an appearance.


LSDo your children watch the present version of pro wrestling?  Do they like it?


NR:  They like it.  They don't like what the girls do and how over exposed their bodies are.  

They appreciate what I did because they can look at my pics and not be embarrassed by their Mom's boobs and butt all hangin out like some of the girls'.


LSDo you still keep in touch with anyone from the wrestling industry?


NR:  A few of the guys would call me when they came to Lubbock...but the shows were so far and few that I really lost touch with everyone but Ray Traylor and Tully B.


LSHow would you like to be remembered by the wrestling fans?


NR:  Just as Baby Doll, Tully's perfect 10...that says it all.


LS:  What was your personal favorite match of all time?


NR:  It would be a tie between the I Quit Match at Starcade and the match when I helped Flair win the title back from Dusty.  I will never forget the crowds' reaction when I put Flair's foot on the rope as 25,000+ people gasped as they realized that Dusty was going to get screwed.  They loved it that Dusty was going to loose.


LSWhat was the funniest thing that happened to you while involved in wrestling?


NR:  When I ripped my pants in Gainesville Texas.


LS:  What is your life like now, after wrestling?


NR:  I have two wonderful daughters.  Mikala is 10 and Mikka is almost 12.  They are very pretty and are very very smart.  I have a fantastic man in my life that adores me.  I moved 600 miles to be by his side. Ted is one of those guys that a girl can only dream about, but my dream man came true.  We are going to have quite a life together.  Believe me, I will keep him on his toes.  I have had a lot of interesting jobs.  I want to learn a lot about a lot. I have worked for USAir out on the tarmac riding around on the tractors loading and unloading mail.  I have had my own clothing business where I sewed for over 100 wrestlers.  Unfortunately when I moved back to Texas I lost my material contact and could not fit the guys the way I wanted to.  I also have worked for Cox Cable installing cable TV and high speed data.  I certainly wasn't what the customer expected when they answered the door.  I did a great job and I loved climbing the poles.  I was really afraid of heights but decided that I did not want to be afraid of anything and figured this was the way to overcome my fears.  The only way to overcome a fear is to take it head on....and that is what I did.  I  had my own truck and everything---it was really cool.  Now I am in Joplin and I take care of my two kids and Ted has three--so it is  kind of like a Brady Bunch situation.  Every other weekend we have a house full and I love it.  I try to work out every chance I get.  And my kids are wondering if one day they will get to see their Mom relive her Babydoll never know.

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