Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling #3 Page 2

Jos LeDuc

LeDuc only wrestled in the Martimes for part of the summer of 1984, however his short stay in the Maritime will for ever be remembered for his feud with Bulldog Bob Brown and the Great Pogo. LeDuc’s son Robert made his Debut in the Martimes and battled the Great Pogo. Well, that match lasted all, but 4 seconds as Brown and Pogo destroyed the youngest LeDuc on TV. LeDuc came charging from the dressing room, and tried to get his hands on Brown and Pogo, however they fled out of the back door. Then, a few weeks later, LeDuc was gone from the Maritimes, and he returned to Quebec.   

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Hercules Ayala Cortez

Cortez came in the Maritmes in 1981, and immediately got in a feud with Killer Karl Krupp. Mostly their matches where brawls. They battled all across the Maritimes, with no one getting a clear victory over the other. Then he made another return in 1986, and became the first man to slam the Iranian Sheik. Got in a feud with Bobby Bass and the Sheik, then he focused his attention to the International Title, held by Frenchy Martin. He came close on winning the title, however Martin would leave with the belt every time. 

Buddy Lane

Lane never was a major star in the Maritimes, yet he was always very popular with the fans.  Used mostly as an enhancement talent, he would battle the top heels, while helping out with commentary in the late 80's.  He would always put up a good fight, but in the end, he would come out on the losing end.  However, the fans always liked him, and no matter what cheered for him. 

These are mostly the major stars that appeared in the 80's. Several other stars we’ll be talking about in upcoming months. 


We’ll take a look at the Heels that terrorized the Maritimes. 

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