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March 5, 1970
Terry Funk vs. Harley Race

The Funk family continued its feud with Race. Harley had been teaming with the Beast prior to this match and generally reeking havoc in the area. In February, Terry and Race met in an Apache rawhide strap match with Terry coming out on top. Harley wouldn't settle the score this time as Terry won this blood bath in 14:28. Harley would get his revenge on the Funks in 1973 and 1977 ending each brother's NWA title reign.

May 7, 1970
Terry Funk vs. The Beast

The Beast had been feuding with Dory, Sr. and Terry for a while prior to this match. Terry had tried unsuccessfully to take the Western States title away from the Beast in March and April. The two had a 60 minute time limit draw, followed by a two out of three fall, 90 minute encounter which resulted in no decision. One week prior to this match, The Beast gained a victory over Terry after dropping him with a piledriver in 52 seconds. For this match, Terry put up $500 and The Beast put his Western States title on the line. Terry kept his money and claimed the title with a victory, keeping his record perfect in chain matches at the Sports Arena.

September 17, 1970
Terry Funk vs. Pak Song

Pak Song and Ill Kim invaded West Texas in the Summer of 1970 and dominated the tag team scene. Song and Kim even gained a tag victory over Funk, Sr .and Jr. Song took the Western States title from Terry on July 16, 1970 in Amarillo. On September 3, Song defeated Dory Sr. in Amarillo in a wild 2 out of 3 fall match with Texas Death rules in the first fall, Korean Death rules in the second, and Russian Chain rules in the third. Terry and Song had a brutal and bloody match which was photographed for the Apter mags. Terry won the match and Song went nuts with chain after losing.

May 31, 1973
Terry Funk vs. King Curtis Ieukea

King Curtis came to the area in the Spring of 1973. After toppling Lord Alfred Hayes he received a title shot at Dory Jr. for the NWA crown. Though unsuccessful, the King was impressive and joined forces with Ciclon Negro to battle the Funks. After gaining a bloody Texas Death match victory over Dory, Sr., Terry and Curtis strapped the 8- foot chain to their wrists and went at it.  Terry prevailed in 11:39 after dragging his opponent to all four corners.

June ?, 1974
Terry Funk vs. Red Bastien

Red Bastien was a beloved face in the Dallas area in the mid-70's. But when he came to Amarillo, he adopted a great heel persona. Terry would change character as well when he came to the Metroplex. The Funks and Bastien had a great series of matches during this time period. This match was no exception as Bastien had Terry trapped in a sleeper and Terry appeared headed for dreamland. Terry rallied to win, but the enraged Bastien was anything but gracious in defeat. He wrapped the chain around Terry's throat until the dressing rooms emptied to stop the carnage. This set up a great set of matches for the rest of the summer.

Well, as the results indicate, perhaps Terry should be called the King of the Russian Chain match.


I will focus on some great NWA title matches which took place in West Texas.

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