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Brody caught Kamala with a double axehandle and Kevin Wall said “A two hander to the top of the head” and then Bruiser Brody bit Kamala. Kamala chopped Bruiser Brody and he went to the canvas, causing Rick Stewart to say “I’ve never seen anybody floor him with one punch before.” Kamala bit Brody on the forehead and the Kamala slapped his belly like he does and then he went for a choke on Brody right in front of the Referee. “Nothing fancy here” said Kevin Wall. Brody with a thrust to the throat of Kamala. Kevin Wall said “This is what the folks pay to see, and they are getting their money’s worth.” Bruiser Brody kicked Kamala in the head with his size 14 boots. Brody rakes Kamala’s eyes. “Neither man has applied a wrestling hold as yet” said Rick Stewart. Brody is still raking Kamala’s eyes and Referee Jimmy McGuire tries to get Brody to break because they are near the ropes, never mind he’s raking Kamala’s eyes. Brody comes off the ropes and catches Kamala with another boot. He comes off the ropes again and meets a chop by Kamala. Rick Stewart has only seen “...several men that have the capacity to knock him [Kamala] down with one punch, one of those men is against him right now in Bruiser Brody.” Brody took a thrust to the throat. They are about out of TV time as Rick Stewart says “You’re seeing two of the giants in the sport of wrestling in the ring right now. This match would headline any card, anywhere, anytime.”   

Another match that comes to mind is a match between Bruiser Brody and Ric Flair that occurred in Kansas City in (I believe) 1985. If I’m right about the year, it could’ve happened on Valentines Day of 1985. It would’ve been broadcast on All Star Wrestling on February 23, 1985 if that date is right. Anyway, I remember seeing this match on television. Bruiser Brody wrestled Ric Flair in St. Louis early in 1984 and that match was featured in an article in the very first wrestling magazine that I ever purchased, the May 1984 issue of The Wrestler (with Barry Windham on the cover in the Dirty Yellow Dog outfit). I remember when I saw that match from Kansas City on television that there were quite a few parallels between it and the match they had in St. Louis that I read about, and the finish was the same.   I think the match between Brody and Flair that was broadcast on All Star Wrestling was joined in progress, but I’m not for certain. Unlike the Brody/Kamala match above, the ending of the Brody/Flair match was shown on TV. I remember that Flair climbs to the top rope and he tried to execute a flying bodypress, but Brody turned it into a powerslam. Brody used a bearhug that Flair was able to get out of by reaching the ropes, and Flair used a figure four that Brody was able to turn over. I don’t remember who the Referee was for this match, but he was knocked down during the match and a second Referee came out to take over for him. Bruiser Brody was able to pin Flair for the 3 count, and everyone thought that Bruiser Brody was the New NWA World Heavyweight Champion. But by this time the first Referee had revived and told the second Referee that Bruiser Brody had thrown Flair over the top rope, which is a disqualification, and the belt was given back to Flair. The match they had in St. Louis in 1984 ended the same way, with Brody not winning the belt after all.  

Bruiser Brody did win the Central States Heavyweight Title by defeating “Bulldog” Bob Brown on April 10, 1980 in Kansas City. “Dirty” Dick Murdoch defeated Bruiser Brody for the Central States Title on May 22, 1980 in Kansas City as well. The team of Bruiser Brody and “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd won the Central States Title on February 3, 1980 but I’m not sure who they defeated, the belt had been vacated in 1979 apparently. Bob Brown and Dick Murdoch won the belts on March 20, 1980 in Kansas City.   Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death on July 16, 1988 in Puerto Rico.   


 We’ll look at how M.E.B. (The Man Eating Beast) got the TV Title Trophy from Art Crews.

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