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Ron Ritchie fights back with punches and forearms. Grappler #1 goes for an Irish Whip into the corner but Ron Ritchie reverses it and sends Grappler #1 into the turnbuckles. Ron Ritchie goes for a shoulderblock in the corner but Grappler #1 moved and Ron Ritchie hit the top turnbuckle.   After a few more minutes of being in the ring, Ron Ritchie finally makes the tag to Harley Race. Harley Race with several punches to both Grapplers. Harley with a dropkick for each Grappler and Harley with a piledriver for Grappler #1. He goes for the pin and Grappler #2 breaks it up. Harley Race with a few more punches and Ron Ritchie holds up his foot. Harley Race rams Grappler #1 headfirst into Ron Ritchieís boot and Harley Race tags in Ron Ritchie.   

Ron Ritchie has the advantage for a few minutes on Grappler #1. Grappler #2 enters the ring and starts talking to Bobby Whitlock. Grappler #1 kicks the mat three times to load his Orthopedic boot! Harley Races gets in the ring and Harley Race punches Grappler #1 as Ron Ritchie brawls with Grappler #2. Harley with a vertical suplex on Grappler #1 as Ron Ritchie sends Grappler #2 to the floor. Ron Ritchie gets a two count on Grappler #1 but Grappler #2 is able to break it up. Harley Race gets in the ring and brawls with Grappler #2. Grappler #2 is against the ropes and he picks up Harley Race for a bodyslam, but Grappler #2 and Harley Race fall over the top rope to the solid hard wood floor! Referee Bobby Whitlock checks on Grappler #2 and Harley Race as Grappler #1 loads his Orthopedic boot again! Grappler #1 kicks Ron Ritchie in the head and Bobby Whitlock turns around and makes the three count. Grappler #2 and Harley Race are still fighting outside, but Harley gets the better of it and he gets back in the ring to save Ron Ritchie from Grappler #1. Ron Ritchieís face is a mask of blood.   This is not the first time that the loaded Orthopedic boot of Grappler #1 has cost Ron Ritchie a match, and Ron Ritchie wants revenge. Later in the show, they announce the matches for Thursday, May 17th. The main event is a Stretcher Match between Grappler #1 and Ron Ritchie, the loser must be carried out of the ring on a stretcher, and if Grappler #1 loses, he loses his mask as well!   

Kevin: Well, it all comes down to this, somebodyís gonna leave that ring on a stretcher, that means somebodyís gonna get hurt.   

Ron: Yíknow a word is a word, and a moment is a moment, and the moment Iíve been waiting for is here. May the 17th against The Grappler, and itís one of the biggest matches of my career. In a Stretcher Match, something Iíve never been in before but this feud is gonna end once and once for all. Because what weíre gonna have is a Stretcher Match. This means that the loser of this match has to be carried out on a stretcher, and believe me Kansas City, Iím coming with all my heart. When I get in that ring Grappler and we tie up, youíre gonna feel the determination, youíre gonna feel my vibes. Iím coming after you with everything Iíve got. Youíve kicked me in the head, youíve kicked me from the back. You people have seen it time and time over again, and the partners Iíve gone through. Heís made me bleed, heís made me suffer. Weíre coming back now and weíre gonna do it my way. Weíre gonna take it to the limit, Grappler, weíre gonna do it a little different this time, and like you say, the loser must be carried out on a stretcher, and if you lose, the mask comes off too.   

Kevin: And of course this means though that somebody will be carried off, that means that somebodyís gonna be hurt, letís hope itís not you.   

Ron: Thatís right. That somebodyís gonna be on a stretcher. Grappler, when theyíre carrying you on that stretcher and all them people are cheering from all over, Iím gonna take that mask and Iím gonna yank it right off of you and I wanna see what kind of man you really are when we get down to that stretcher match.   Unfortunately for Ron Ritchie, Grappler #1 won that match and he didnít have to get unmasked.


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