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Brody with a kick right in the chin of Grappler #2. Brody picks up his man with one arm and gives Grappler #2 a bodyslam. Brody got a one count. Brody tags in Buck Robley and The Colonel gives Grappler #2 a headbutt. Grappler #2 responds with a thrust to the throat and a tag to Grappler #1. The Grapplers get Buck Robley back in trouble in short order. The Grapplers with a double headbutt and Grappler #1 goes for the pin and The Colonel just barely beats the three count. Grappler #1 points a finger at Bruiser Brody as Grappler #2 works over Robley. Robley made the tag. Brody cleans house on both Grapplers. All four men are in the ring at once. Robley hits that brace on Grappler #2 but Grappler #1 loads his boot and he kicked Buck Robley. Bruiser Brody with a chair and he gets in the ring. The Referee rings the bell. The Grapplers win their first match in the Central States area by disqualification.

On January 5, 1984, Colonel Buck Robley wrestled 666. Colonel Buck Robley is in the ring wearing his patented "Nobody Calls Me Yellow" t-shirt (as The Reverend Axl Future might say, I bet that not only does Robley have that shirt patented, I bet Robley had it copyrighted, trademarked and all rights have been reserved). The song "Ironman" by Black Sabbath plays and out comes 666 (which is usually pronounced "Triple 6" but sometimes the announcers say "six six six"). Triple 6 wears face paint and The Mongol is his tag team partner. Sheik Abdullah The Great managed Triple 6 and The Mongol, but Sheik Abdullah isnít here for this match. Robley and Triple 6 lock up collar-and-elbow and Triple 6 backs Robley into the corner and Triple 6 breaks cleanly. Robley works on the left arm of Triple 6. Triple 6 broke the armbar with "The Blood of The Beast" which is the "green mist" gimmick (a la Kendo Nagasaki, The Great Kabuki, The Great Muta, Tajiri, etc.), although Triple 6 used an orange mist in this match, other colors used by Triple 6 include purple and green. Triple 6 with a kick and a stomp while Robley is laid out on the canvas. Robley comes back with a kneelift and a punch. They start brawling in the middle of the ring. Buck Robley got the better of it by using his forearm brace. It has been alleged for years that the forearm brace of Colonel Buck Robley is loaded. Bulldog Bob Brown makes his way ringside. 666 helped put Bob Brown out of wrestling for six weeks. Robley with punches but Triple 6 with a Irish Whip and a shoulder block  as Robley comes off the ropes. Triple 6 with a bodyslam for Robley and a few kicks. Triple 6 with another Irish Whip and he catches Robley with a punch when Robley bounces off the ropes. Triple 6 with a third Irish Whip and when Colonel Buck Robley is in position, he catches Triple 6 with a sunset flip. Triple 6 is near the ropes and he turns around and he took a swing at Bulldog Bob Brown. Brown retaliates with several punches in the face of Triple 6. Robley catches the stunned Triple 6 with an inside cradle for the three count! This is the first defeat of Triple 6 on television. Triple 6 gets a little revenge on Robley by ramming him head first into The Ring Post but Bob Brown scared Triple 6 away.

A few weeks later in February 1984, Colonel Buck Robley took on Grappler #1. Buck Robley is not wearing his shirt in this match. Robley went straight for Grappler #1ís leg and he tries to take the orthopedic boot off of Grappler #1. Grappler #1 with three straight fists and a snap mare and more fists. Robley and Grappler #1 exchange punches in the center of the ring. Grappler #1 with a vertical suplex for a two count. Grappler #2 is seated directly beside Kevin Wall and Rick Stewart. Robley with a neckbreaker but Robley landed awkwardly on the canvas and Robley canít capitalize. Grappler gets up and gives Robley a kick and a stomp. Robley with a trip on Grappler #1. Robley with a sleeper on Grappler #1 but Grappler #1 gets out. Grappler #2 distracts the Referee while Grappler #1 loads the boot. Grappler #1 goes to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a stomp but he missed. Grappler #1 with another kick and Robley got out of the way a second time. Grappler #1 goes for a third kick and Robley still got out of the way and here comes Ron Ritchie. Ron Ritchie has been defeated by The Grapplers before thanks to that boot. Grappler #2 gets in the ring and he and Ron Ritchie start brawling. Grappler #2 backdropped Ron Ritchie over the top rope. Robley goes outside and grabs a few steel chairs and throws him into the ring. Robley gets back in the ring and grabs a chair and The Grapplers make their way out of the ring very quickly. Sonny Myers rules that match a double disqualification because of outside interference.


I touched on it a little this month, and next month weíll take a closer look at the feud between Bulldog Bob Brown and 666.

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