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Buzz Tyler and The Mongol lock up. The Mongol backs Tyler into the ropes and The Mongol unloads with punches and forearms. The Mongol with an Irish Whip that Tyler reverses. The Mongol bounces off of the ropes and gets a backdrop from Tyler. Buzz with a snap mare and a kneedrop on the chest of The Mongol. Buzz tagged in Bob Brown and Brown goes to work with a few punches for The Mongol. They exchange punches and The Mongol gets the advantage. The Mongol backs Bob Brown into his own corner where Triple Six is waiting for the tag. Triple Six with an Irish Whip and a punch for Bob Brown as he bounces off the ropes. Bob Brown has his head draped over the top rope near The Mongol. The Mongol grabs Bob Brown by the hair and The Mongol drops from the ring apron to the floor, driving Bob Brown’s neck against the rope and snapping Bob Brown back.

On December 24th, Triple Six will be one of the participants of the annual Battle Royal in which the winner gets $25,000 and ladies will be competing in the Battle Royal. Triple Six with kicks and punches and forearms to Bob and a tag to The Mongol. The Mongol with a double axehandle, a rear chinlock and a kneelift. The Mongol tags in Triple Six and 666 using his fingernails to rake Bob Brown’s back. Triple Six rams Bob Brown head-first into the turnbuckle. Triple Six goes for a pin but Bob Brown gets his foot on the rope. Triple Six tags in The Mongol. The Mongol with an Irish Whip but Bob Brown hangs onto the ropes and catches The Mongol with a kick. Bob Brown is confused and he tries to make the tag but he goes to the corner of Triple Six. Triple Six punches Bob Brown and The Mongol tags Triple Six. Triple Six with a forearm and he tags The Mongol back in as he gives Bob Brown an Irish Whip. Bob Brown bounces off the ropes and is met by the clothesline of The Mongol. Bob Brown is able to get to his own corner and tag Buzz Tyler. Buzz with several punches to both The Mongol and Triple 6. Bob Brown is brawling with Triple Six as Buzz Tyler catches The Mongol with The Avalanche (powerslam). Buzz Tyler gets the three count and he and Bob Brown retain their titles.

Triple Six catches Bob Brown with a modified DDT (Triple Six has his arm around Bob’s neck and shoulder as well). Bob Brown is laying in the ring twitching as Buzz Tyler and Jimmy McGuire both look concerned. The Mongol, Triple Six and Sheik Abdullah leave ringside as we go to commercial.

This puts Bob Brown on the shelf for a month. The NWA decides that Buzz Tyler can pick a partner to defend the tag team belts with against the team of Tully Blanchard and "Crazy" Luke Graham according to Kevin Wall. But according to what I read on the Internet and in the May 1984 issue of The Wrestler (Page 15), that match would declare new champions.

While Bob Brown was injured, Triple Six defeated Buzz Tyler on December 8, 1983 in Kansas City, Ron Ritchie defeated Triple Six on December 9 in St. Louis, Bruiser Brody defeated Triple Six on Christmas Day 1983 in Kansas City, and Triple Six defeated MEB (The Man Eating Beast) on December 29 in Kansas City. Triple Six seems to have left the federation in 1984 so I really don't know if Bob Brown was able to get his revenge on Triple Six.

Sonny Myers has the Central States tag team titles with him as Tully Blanchard and Crazy Luke Graham are already in the ring as Buzz Tyler and King Cobra make their way to the ring. Even though Kevin Wall says that Buzz Tyler and King Cobra are the champions, between what I read and Sonny Myers having the belts, I would have to say that the belts are held up.

Buzz and Luke lock up collar and elbow. Tyler with a side headlock  and a punch and he makes the tag to King Cobra. Cobra with a headlock takeover. Graham makes the tag to Blanchard. Cobra locks up with the former Midnight Stallion Tully Blanchard. Cobra with a side headlock and a tag to Buzz Tyler. Tully Blanchard doesn’t want any part of Buzz Tyler. Tyler brought Tully Blanchard to the Central States area as The Midnight Stallion to be his tag team partner and Tully ran out on Tyler and left Tyler laying in a pool of blood in the center of the ring. Tully with a kick and forearms on Tyler. He rams Tyler headfirst into Graham’s knee and they doubleteam Tyler. Tully makes the tag and Graham delivers punches and forearms to Tyler. Tully had said earlier that he may have found the perfect tag team partner in "Crazy" Luke Graham and Tully might be right.

Luke Graham rammed Buzz Tyler into Tully’s foot and he tagged Tully back in. Tully punches Tyler in the stomach as Graham holds Tyler from behind. Tully with an elbowsmash and a fist. Tyler with a kick and a punch for Blanchard. Tyler with a kneelift and he threw Tyler outside. Luke Graham with a double axehandle  off the apron to the floor on Tyler. Tyler makes his way to the ring apron only to get a kick from Luke Graham. Tully with a kick that knocks Tyler off of the ring apron. Tully goes outside but Referee Sonny Myers makes Tully get back in the ring. King Cobra makes his way around to check on Buzz Tyler. Tully goes back outside but Buzz Tyler starts punching Tully. They go back into the ring only for Tully to go back outside. Buzz grabs Tully by the hair but Graham attacks Tyler from behind.

Luke with two double axehandles and he chokes Buzz Tyler on the ropes. Buzz with punches on Graham and he tags King Cobra. Cobra with several punches for Graham and Blanchard and Cobra gets each of them with a dropkick. Tully Blanchard goes to the floor. Cobra with more punches for Graham and he tags Buzz Tyler back in. Tyler with a punch and we have to take a commercial break.

As we get back from commercial, "Bulldog" Bob Brown is sitting on a steel chair in the corner of Tyler and Cobra. Tyler with a bodyslam on Blanchard and Buzz misses a kneedrop. Tully with a kneedrop and a splash for a two count. Tully spit on Bob Brown. Bob jumps up, gets on the ring apron and punches Tully. Tully punches King Cobra and Buzz Tyler with a small package for a two count. All four men in the ring now. Tyler with an Irish whip and as Tully gets to the ropes, Bob Brown grabs Tully and brings him outside. Bob Brown rams Tully headfirst onto the chair that Brown had been sitting in. Bob punches Tully and throws him back in the ring. Buzz with a splash on Tully and he goes for the pin, but Crazy Luke breaks up the pin with a double axehandle. Luke rolls Tully over on top of Buzz as King Cobra goes after Luke. Bob Brown jumps in the ring and broke up the pin attempt. It’s 3 on 2 and Sonny Myers calls for the bell. Roger "Nature Boy" Kirby comes in to even up the sides. Graham and Kirby throw King Cobra over the top rope. Kirby sets Bob Brown up for a piledriver as Tully climbs to the top rope and the give Bob Brown a spike piledriver. Buzz and Cobra chase the heels out of the ring. Sonny Myers declares this match a double disqualification. All four men were in the ring at the same time before Bob Brown interfered.

Bob Brown received a Thumbs Down in the May 1984 issue of The Wrestler for interfering in the match between Tully Blanchard and Luke Graham vs. Buzz Tyler and King Cobra. The Wrestler says that "The championship is still vacant because of Brown’s shameful lack of self-control."

According to the Wrestling Title Histories website, Tully Blanchard and Ron Starr wrestled Tyler and King Cobra on January 5, 1984 and the match ended in a Double disqualification. It might be possible that that website is wrong and that it was the match I just described (Luke Graham instead of Ron Starr) or they might have wrestled again. Anyway, the titles were held up and a tournament was held and The Grapplers won the tournament by defeating Ted and Jerry Oates on March 29, 1984.


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