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Brody with a punch and a bite to the forehead of Kamala. Kamala with two chops to Brodyís throat that have Brody staggered on the ropes and two more chops that knock Brody to the mat. Kamala bites Brody on the head as the fans start with a loud "Brody" chant. Brody is back on his feet and he kicked Kamala in the midsection and again and Brody with a dropkick on Kamala. Kamala with a chop, Brody responds with a punch that knocks Kamala over the top rope. Brody is out on the ring apron and he kicked Kamala in the head. Brody rammed Kamala into the ring post and Brody has a steel chair. Brody hit Kamala with the chair four times. They are fighting out into the crowd. Kevin Wall says that the Police are going to have to step in here. Brody and Kamala are fighting near the dressing room. Paul Orndorff and Colonel Buck Robley are getting involved in the match now. They canít get a camera back there, and Orndorff must have helped Kamala until Robley evened the sides (Robley and Orndorff fought to a draw that night). Brody got disqualified in the match, so Kamala won.

Rick Stewart makes his way to the ring to interview Brody after the match.

Rick: "King Kong Bruiser Brody, covered with blood, attacked outside the dressing room after the match with Kamala, and man..."

Brody: "I wanna apologize, I apologize. I donít mind getting beat up if heís a better man than me, I donít mind getting beat up. And Iíll admit it, I got beat up, but Iím not going nowhere. And Iím telling everybody whatís in the building tonight and Iím telling everybody whatís looking at me. I lost this one, I lost it, but I ainít gonna lose the next one. Iím not gonna lose the next one. Iím not gonna lose the next one to Kamala and Iím not gonna lose the next one to Orndorff. Iím telling Ďem and I mean it. You can beat me up again, but Iím gonna get up and Iím gonna kick the mess outta you!"

On January 26, 1984, Kamala and Bruiser Brody met again in Kansas City. Kamala and Friday make their way to the ring. This match is No Disqualification and has a 30 minute time limit. Your Referee is Sonny Myers. They have already signed a rematch for March 4th as well. Kamala and Friday are in the ring and they are looking toward the other dressing room awaiting the arrival of Bruiser Brody who will be accompanied by Colonel Buck Robley for this match. Everyone in the building is awaiting the arrival of Bruiser Brody, but instead of making his way to the ring from the dressing room, he makes his way from the back of the arena and he is behind Kamala and Friday. Brody nailed Friday with a punch and then Brody attacked Kamala.

Brody with a punch, Kamala with a chop, Brody with another punch, Kamala with another chop, they exchange punches and chops and Kamala lands three chops in a row and Brody goes down. Colonel Buck Robley is fighting with Friday on the floor. Kamala with three more chops and Brody is in the corner of the ring against the ropes. Kamala with two more chops and he bit Brodyís forehead. Kamala with a blatant choke on Brody, but itís a No DQ match. Brody with two punches and a thrust to the throat. Brody with a double axehandle to the top of the head.

During commercial, they brawled to the floor and Kamala hit Brody with a chair. Kamala is now back in the ring and Brody is on the apron. Brody gets in the ring and punches Kamala, Kamala with a chop. Kamala is busted open from earlier. Brody with two punches, Kamala with a chop and Brody with a punch and a dropkick by Brody that knocks Kamala into the corner. Brody climbs to the top rope and delivers a double axehandle to the top of the head of Kamala.

Friday is on the ring apron, and Buck Robley gets in the ring and goes after Friday. Robley tumbles out of the ring as Friday was able to push Robley as he was trying to cut Friday off from getting in the ring.

Brody with a forearm smash and Kamala responds with a chop. Brody with a punch and Kamala with a chop and Kamala throws Brody over the top rope. Meanwhile, Robley and Friday are brawling on the other side of the ring. Kamala goes out of the ring after Brody. Kamala rams Brody into The Ringpost. They are brawling on the floor. They get back into the ring and Kamalaís face is a mask of blood and Brody is bleeding too. Brody is on his knees and Kamala with a chop and a double chop that laid Brody out. Kamala slaps his own belly and he bounces off the ropes and gives Brody a splash. Robley and Friday are fighting on the ring apron. Kamala brings Robley in the ring and Robley jumps on Kamalaís back.

Brody leaves the ring as Friday and Kamala double team Robley. Brody comes back with three steel chairs that must be welded together (so three people can sit in the chairs). Brody hits Friday with the three steel chairs, in the head, back and legs at the same time.

Brody and Kamala are brawling on the floor. Brody rams Kamala into The Ringpost. Kamala bites Brody. Theyíre still fighting on the floor as Robley and Friday are brawling in the ring. Referee Sonny Myers calls for the bell. Both men have been counted out at around the ten minute mark. Kamala grabs Friday and tries to carry him to the back, but Brody is right after them.

On March 4th, 1984 in Kansas City, 10,123 were on hand to see Bruiser Brody defeated Kamala in a steel cage match in The Kemper Arena. Harley Race fought Ric Flair to a draw in the main event, and Kerry Von Erich, The Road Warriors, Wahoo McDaniel, Junkyard Dog and Buzz Sawyer were just some of the wrestlers at the show. On January 24, 1985 in Kansas City, the team of Harley Race and Bruiser Brody defeated the team of Mr. Pogo and Kamala by disqualification. On April 10, 1986, Bruiser Brody and Kamala fought to a double disqualification in Kansas City.


We'll go back to 1983 and take a look at Ric Flair as a contender to the NWA World Title.

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