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Graham let go of the sleeper only to put Brown in a Cobra Clutch. Brown got to his feet again and Graham with another handful of hair to take Brown back down to the mat, and then Graham reapplied the Cobra. Brown got back to his feet and Graham used the hair to take Brown down again, but this time Sonny Myers saw it. Luke with two double axehandles to Brown and then Graham with a choke on Brown. Bob Brown is on the ring apron and he goes outside of the ring as we run out of TV time. Bob Brown beat Luke Graham by disqualification on March 1, 1984.   “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer would also wrestle “Crazy” Luke Graham in early 1984. Buzz Sawyer attacked Luke Graham before Graham could remove his ring jacket. Luke was able to remove his ring jacket and he used it to choke Sawyer. Sawyer backs Graham into the corner and they start brawling with punches and forearms. Kevin Wall says “This has been a war, and we’re only 30 seconds into the match.” Sawyer has Graham by the hair and an eyerake on Graham. Sawyer raked his fingernails on Graham’s back. Graham with a punch, a double axehandle to Sawyer’s head and a forearm. They brawl and Graham gets the advantage. As Referee Sonny Myers checks on Sawyer, Crazy Luke reaches into his tights and pulls out his loaded thumb! He hit Sawyer once in the head and once in the throat and Sawyer is flat on his back in the middle of the ring. Buzz Sawyer gets to his feet and he is busted open. Crazy Luke comes off the ropes with a double axehandle to Sawyer’s head to open the cut up even wider. Graham bit Sawyer on the head. Graham with another double axehandle to Sawyer’s head and a punch. Sawyer is backed into the corner and instead of breaking cleanly, Graham kicks him in the stomach.   Buzz Sawyer catches Graham with a kick and a punch. Sawyer grabbed Graham by the hair and threw him out of the ring through the ropes. Sawyer follows him outside. Sawyer rams Graham into the ring post. Graham is now busted open. Sawyer with two punches and he rams Graham into the ringpost closest to Kevin Wall, Rick Stewart and timekeeper Terry Garvin. Graham goes into the ring to break the count and he goes back out to the floor only to get hit with a steel chair by Luke Graham.   

Graham goes back into the ring and Sawyer followed him back in the ring. Sawyer with several punches on Graham. Sawyer bit Graham on the forehead. Sonny Myers tries to break them up but Sawyer pushed Myers down. Sonny Myers gets back up only for Luke Graham to push him down. Graham kicked Sawyer. Both men are choking each other. Sonny Myers tries to restore order only to get hit by Buzz Sawyer. Sonny Myers called for the bell. Sawyer is biting Graham on the forehead once again. Buzz knocked Myers down again. Tiger Mask and Dusty Wolfe enter the ring to try to keep Graham and Sawyer apart. T.G. Stone, Scott Ferris and four other wrestlers come to the ring to help restore order. Graham managed to break free and catch Sawyer with a few punches. The eight wrestlers have separated them again but Sawyer breaks free and attacked Graham. Graham attacks the guys that are holding him so he can get his hands on Sawyer again. We go to commercial and we come back to the action and Sawyer and Graham are going at it again with the eight wrestlers trying to keep them apart. We go back to commercial and order is finally restored during the break.   Buzz Sawyer and Luke Graham would meet again on March 4, 1984 in Kansas City in a six man tag team match that saw Buzz Sawyer team with Wahoo McDaniel and The Junkyard Dog as they defeated the team of Luke Graham and The Road Warriors.  


We’ll take a look at Mark and Jay Youngblood as they tangle with The Grapplers.

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