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On the night of this interview, The Dream Team defeated the team of Ric McCord and Tommy Wright. They wrestled in singles action in Kansas City on March 13, 1986 with Arthur W. Crews defeating Tommy Wright and Mike George defeating “Diamond” Timothy Flowers by disqualification. As a heel, Art was known as "Arthur W. Crews." On March 20, 1986 in Kansas City, The Dream Team defeats The Batten Twins (Brad and Bart Batten) in a non title match. On March 23, 1986 in Lincoln, Nebraska they defeated The Batten Twins again. In an interview done on All Star Wrestling on April 10, 1986 The Battens are called the Central States Tag Team Champions, so that must’ve also been a non-title match. Rufus R. Jones and “Hacksaw” Butch Reed defeat The Dream Team on March 24, 1986 in Wichita, Kansas.  

On March 27, 1986, The Dream Team again wrestled The Soul Patrol, the team of Rufus R. Jones and “Hacksaw” Butch Reed. Diamond Timothy Flowers has Rufus R. Jones in a chokehold that he breaks but not before giving Rufus R. Jones an eyerake. Flowers tags Arthur W. Crews in at the 10 minute mark. Diamond Timothy Flowers holds Rufus and Art runs the ropes and comes off with a forearm into the head of Rufus. Art used his boot to rake the eyes of Rufus. Rufus with a punch. Art with an eyerake and Art uses the top rope to choke Rufus. Art makes the tag to Diamond Timothy Flowers. Double Irish Whip and a Double Elbowsmash by The Dream Team. Timothy with a choke on Rufus and a thrust to the throat. Timothy holds Rufus as Art climbs the ropes and gives Rufus a forearm shot to the head. Rufus with a punch on Art. Rufus with a knee and he makes the tag to Butch Reed.

Butch jumped over the top rope and Art is begging for mercy and he backs into the corner and then Reed starts punching. Reed with a hiptoss on Art. Timothy comes in the ring only to get a hiptoss from Butch. Reed with a bodyslam for Crews and another one for Flowers. Reed grabbed both members of The Dream Team by the head and as Kevin Wall would say “A meeting of the minds” as Reed rammed their heads together. Timothy falls out of the ring. Reed with a shoulderblock on Art and Reed does it again. As Reed goes to the ropes to give Art another shoulderblock, Slick grabs the top rope and pulls down causing Reed to go over the top rope.  

Rufus with a few punches for Art and Art goes outside. The Dream Team put Reed back in the ring. Timothy gives Reed a bodyslam and Art Crews climbs to the top rope. Reed is up and he bodyslams Art from the top rope. Slick gets on the ring apron and Reed is distracted long enough for Diamond Timothy to hit Reed with a kneedrop. All four men are in the ring at the same time. Reed is punching Timothy and Rufus is punching Art. Rufus with The Freight Train and a headbutt for Crews. The Soul Patrol has The Dream Team in opposite corners and The Soul Patrol each with an Irish Whip causing The Dream Team to meet in the center of the ring. 

Rufus is now punching Timothy and Reed is punching Crews. Art with a low blow and Timothy is getting the better of Rufus. Sonny Myers isn’t doing a thing to stop this match. Rufus throws Flowers through the ropes and Rufus goes out of the ring after him. Rufus rammed Flowers headfirst into the ring barricade. Rufus has a chair and Reed and Crews are out on the floor too. Butch rams Crews headfirst into the barricade and Reed brings Crews back in the ring.  

Timothy with a low blow on Rufus as they’re still on the floor. Timothy with a few punches on Rufus and Rufus comes back with punches of his own. They’re brawling on the floor. Reed with a Gorilla Slam on Art Crews and we’re out of TV time. This match continued until Sonny Myers disqualified both teams. On April 3, 1986, The Dream Team defeated The Soul Patrol in a rematch.

On April 10, 1986, The Dream Team wrestled The Midnight Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. We join the match already in progress. Shawn Michaels has an armbar on Diamond Timothy Flowers. Shawn tags in Marty Jannetty. Shawn with an Irish Whip on Timothy. Timothy comes off the ropes and ducks the clothesline attempt of Shawn Michaels but Marty Jannetty catches Timothy with a clothesline instead. Marty Jannetty with a snapmare and a one count. 

Timothy backs Marty into the corner where Art Crews grabbed Marty. Timothy runs to the other side of the ring and he comes off the ropes to deliver a forearm smash... to Art Crews because Marty broke free just in time. Art lands on the floor and Marty lands three punches and a dropkick on Timothy and Timothy leaves the ring. Timothy goes over to Art Crews and Slick only for Art to push him and they get into an argument. Slick manages to calm them down and they have a group hug. Flowers is now back in the ring. 

Flowers and Jannetty lock up collar-and-elbow and Flowers is backed into the corner so Jannetty with a blind tag to Shawn Michaels. Flowers with an Irish Whip on Jannetty. Jannetty comes off the ropes and Shawn Michaels with a Leapfrog over Marty Jannetty and Marty rebounds off the ropes on the other side and then The Midnight Rockers with a double  dropkick on Diamond Timothy Flowers. That was an awesome move and great timing on The Rockers part. Timothy is in the corner begging for mercy and Shawn Michaels is too wise to go in the corner after him. Timothy tags in Arthur W. Crews. Crews and Michaels lock up, Art turns it to a headlock. Shawn Michaels with an Irish Whip. Art off of the ropes, Shawn drops down, Art jumps over Shawn, and Art bounces off the other side and jumps over Shawn again. Shawn gets up and catches Art with a hiptoss. 

Michaels tags Jannetty as Michaels has Crews in an armbar. Marty delivers a legdrop on Crews arm and goes to an armbar of his own. Crews gets to his feet and backs Marty in the corner where he gives Marty a punch and an Irish Whip into the opposite corner. Art runs after him and catches Marty with a kneelift. Art with an Irish Whip on Jannetty and as Jannetty comes off the ropes, he tries for a cross body block. Crews ducked and Jannetty crashes down to the canvas. Art Crews with an elbowdrop and a forearm shot. Irish Whip and Art with a bodyslam as Jannetty comes off the ropes. Art goes for a pin and gets a two count. Jannetty gets the tag and Michaels comes in only to get caught with a kneelift by Crews. Crews with an Irish Whip and another kneelift on Shawn.. Crews tags in Timothy Flowers and The Dream Team with a double Irish Whip and a Double Elbowsmash.

Diamond Timothy Flowers with a bodyslam and a fistdrop on Shawn Michaels, Flowers goes for a pin for a two count. Flowers with a reverse chinlock. Referee Russell Sapp isn’t paying attention and Crews and Flowers switch partners without tagging. Marty Jannetty gets in the ring to tell the Referee about the illegal switch. As Russell Sapp escorts Marty out of the ring, Flowers climbed to the second rope with a fistdrop and Crews exits the ring. Shawn Michaels with a armdrag. Flowers with a headlock and a thrust to the throat.

Flowers rams Shawn headfirst into the knee of Arthur W. Crews. Flowers tagged Crews and Crews with a fistdrop off the second rope. Crews rakes his boot across the face of Shawn Michaels and Crews with a bodyslam on Michaels. Crews climbed to the top rope but Shawn caught him with a bodyslam off the top rope. Shawn Michaels climbs to the second rope and he jumps across the ring from the neutral corner to his own corner to tag Marty Jannetty while Shawn is in midair! Marty Jannetty with punches for The Dream Team. Jannetty with a backdrop for Crews. Michaels in the ring now to brawl with Arthur Crews while Flowers brawls with Jannetty. They’re in opposite corners and The Midnight Rockers each with an Irish Whip that send The Dream Team crashing into each other in the middle of the ring. Michaels with a dropkick that sends Flowers over the top rope. Jannetty with a bodyslam for Crews and Jannetty climbed to the top rope. 

As Marty jumped off, Slick climbed to the ring apron and whacked Jannetty with his cane. Marty falls to the mat and Crews gets the three count. I don't know if it was part of the script or not, but a fan attacked Slick and two Police Officers took the fan away. Slick was swinging his cane at the fan trying to defend himself. The Midnight Rockers chase The Dream Team out of the ring. Art Crews retired in 1987 and he told me via e-mail that he thought that he and Diamond Timothy Flowers held the Central States tag team titles. Art thought they won the belts in Wichita. I actually thought they held the belts too, but neither the match results for 1986 that I have nor the Wrestling Titles History website mention them as champions. “Diamond” Timothy Flowers still wrestles in Canada as “Streetfigher” Timothy Flowers. Jannetty and Michaels were already working in The AWA in 1986, and they would later to go on to even greater fame in The WWF.  


We’ll look at another person managed by Slick, “Bulldog” Bob Brown and his feuds with Bruiser Brody and Harley Race.

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