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Kevin Wall and Rick Stewart speculate about what it could be. Is it fire? Is it salt? With Abdullah, who knows. David Nevins saw Abdullah reach into his tights and Nevins grabbed Abdullah’s hand and pried it open and... there’s nothing there! Sheik Abdullah The Great doesn’t call himself “The Master of Illusion” for nothing!

They lock up again and Brad Batten with a side headlock. Sheik Abdullah counters with a belly to back suplex. Abdullah went for a elbow but he missed, and Brad went for an elbowdrop but he missed as well. Brad Batten with a dropkick, armdrag takedown and an armbar on Abdullah. Irish Whip by Sheik Abdullah, Brad Batten with a shouldertackle as he comes off the ropes.  Brad runs to the ropes and as comes at Abdullah, Abdullah stepped to the side and grabbed Brad by the hair and threw him over the top rope. 

Sheik Abdullah follows Batten to the outside. At the five minute mark, Abdullah kicked Batten in the head. Brad Batten fires back with punches and he rammed Abdullah head first into the ring post, and Batten rammed him into another ring post. Batten with a punch and he bit Abdullah. Sheik Abdullah is busted open. They go back in the ring. Brad Batten with a bodyslam and a fistdrop off the top rope. Batten rammed Abdullah into the ring turnbuckle.

Batten goes for a pin and David Nevins with a two count. Batten with an Irish Whip on Abdullah. As Abdullah comes off the ropes, Batten catches him in an Abdominal stretch for the submission victory for the first fall of this Texas Death Match. We go to a commercial break.

The 30 second rest period occurred during the commercials, and Abdullah was back on his feet at the eight count, so the match continues.  Brad Batten with an Irish whip and an elbowsmash. Batten with a kneedrop and he gets a two count. Batten with a bodyslam and he tried for an off the top rope elbowdrop, but he missed. Sheik Abdullah removed some of the tape from his wrist and he choked Batten with the tape, there is no disqualification in a Texas Death Match. David Nevins broke the chokehold. Abdullah with a fistdrop off the top rope and he gives Batten a piledriver. Abdullah with a reverse neckbreaker and another off the top rope fistdrop and he goes for the pin, only to get a two count. Abdullah threw Batten out of the ring and Abdullah goes outside as well. Sheik Abdullah rammed Batten into the ring post. Sheik Abdullah climbed to the top rope as Batten is trying to stand up. As Batten reaches his feet, Abdullah jumps from the top rope to the floor with a fistdrop on Batten’s head. They get back into the ring and Abdullah rammed Batten headfirst into the cable that connects the turnbuckle to the ring post. Sheik Abdullah bit Batten and he followed that with a kick. Abdullah with an Irish whip but Batten reversed it and he sends Abdullah into the corner. Batten rammed Abdullah into the opposite corner, and he rammed Abdullah into the opposite corner again.  Abdullah out of the corner with a clothesline. Abdullah goes for the pin and he got the three count.  

We’re back from the commercial break with five seconds left in the rest period. Batten is still on the mat as the bell rings as David Nevins starts the count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Batten manages to barely get to his feet in time. Abdullah with an elbow and he rammed Batten headfirst into the turnbuckle. Abdullah with a punch, and Batten with a punch of his own. Sheik Abdullah has Batten in a sleeper. Batten got out of the sleeper with two elbowsmashes and a shoulderblock and Batten with a sleeper of his own. Sheik Abdullah dove into the corner causing Batten to be rammed headfirst into the corner. Abdullah threw Batten over the top rope. Back in the ring, Abdullah with a kneedrop and a two count. Abdullah with another kneedrop and a brainbuster for the three count. 

The thirty second rest period started and Abdullah threw Batten over the top rope. They’re both on the floor. 15 seconds remain in the rest period and Abdullah tried for a piledriver, but Batten turned it into a backdrop. The rest period is over and the 10 count is on. Batten is in the ring on his hands and knees. Abdullah is on the floor on his hands and knees as well. 

Nevins is at the 7 count and Batten is on his feet. Abdullah pushes off the floor with his feet but he was only able to end up on his back on the ring apron, he was never able to reach his feet and the match is over. Bart Batten comes in the ring to congratulate his brother. Abdullah defeated Bart on 1/12/1986 in an Iranian Death Match so Brad was able to return the favor.

The Battens fought the combination of Sheik Abdullah, Tarzan Goto, and Akio Sato several more times after that, the feud was far from over.


We take a look at Mr. Russell Sapp, Esquire.

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