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Vinnie Valentino and Karl Kovac start the match and of course Vinnie is wrestling barefoot. Kovac and Valentino lock up collar-and-elbow and Kovac pushes him off. Russell Sapp had defeated Rick McCord in an earlier match weeks ago by using his loaded elbow pad. Kovac and Valentino lock up again and Valentino with a headlock. Kovac pushes him off and Valentino tried for a shoulderblock that had no effect on Kovac. Valentino ran to the ropes, bounced off, he went under Kovac’s legs and then Valentino caught him with a headlock. Valentino with a headlock takeover. Russell Sapp in the ring and Valentino dropkicks Sapp twice while holding Kovac in the dropkick.

Valentino gets Sapp in a legscissors while he has Kovac in a headlock and he takes them both over. Sapp wisely gets out of the ring. Valentino with an atomic kneedrop, headlock and a tag to Rick McCord. Rick McCord with a headlock, hammerlock and an attempted snapmare but he finally got Kovac over after Kovac blocked it twice. McCord with a headlock. Kovac fired McCord into the ropes, McCord off the ropes with a sunset flip for a two count.

Kovac and McCord lock up and McCord with a headlock. Rick McCord with a shoulderblock. Rick McCord bounced off the ropes again and Kovac dropped down. As McCord bounced off the ropes on the other side, Sapp kicked him which knocked McCord to the mat.

Kovac with kicks to McCord and an gutbuster and a tag to Russell Sapp. Sapp with an armbar. McCord is in the wrong corner and Sapp with punches, backbreaker and a one count. Sapp with a forearm and an eyerake. The Referee is distracted by Sapp allowing Kovac to choke McCord on the ropes. Sapp with a snapmare, a kneedrop and he goes for the pin and gets a two count. Sapp makes the tag and Kovac with kicks and punches. Kovac with an Irish Whip and he catches McCord with a bearhug. McCord broke the bearhug and Kovac tagged Sapp. Sapp with an elbowdrop and a choke and another elbowdrop at the five minute mark. Sapp with an elbowsmash and a two count. Sapp with another Irish whip and Sapp missed a clothesline. McCord off the ropes with a clothesline of his own. Both McCord and Sapp get the tag.

Valentino with kicks and punches on Kovac. Valentino with an Irish Whip and a backdrop on Kovac. Valentino catches Sapp with a forearm. All four are in the ring at the same time. Sapp is out of the ring quickly. Valentino with forearms and punches on Kovac. Kovac with punches and a kneelift, a forearm and a snapmare while Sapp is loading his elbowpad while the Referee is distracted.

Kovac with a kneedrop and a bodyslam. Kovac tagged Sapp and Sapp with forearms. Sapp tagged Kovac again. McCord gets in the ring and the Referee puts McCord out. Valentino with an Irish Whip and a dropkick. Valentino went for the pin on Kovac but Sapp broke it up with an elbowdrop. Kovac goes for the pin but Valentino has his foot on the ropes. Kovac with an Irish Whip and he catches Valentino with a bearhug. Kovac with a reverse atomic kneedrop and a tag to Russell Sapp. Sapp with a kneedrop, armbar, Irish Whip, clothesline and The Warlord hits the ring.

Bart Batten leaves the commentary position to leaves the ring to even the sides. Warlord and Kovac with a double-bodyslam on Batten. Sapp is going after McCord. Valentino is out of the ring. McCord is going for Sapp’s loaded elbowpad. Warlord attacked McCord as Kovac stomped Batten. Kovac and Warlord hold McCord down so Sapp can elbow him but “Hangman” Bobby Jaggers hits the ring with a chair. The heels all leave. Bobby Jaggers checks on Batten as McCord checks on Valentino and we go to break.

We come back to All-Star Wrestling with an edition of “Brenda’s Beauty Shop.” This was an interview show (a la Piper’s Pit) with Miss Brenda Britton as the host. The Warlord, Karl Kovac and Mr. Russell Sapp, Esquire are here with “The Boss” Pork Chop Cash. 

Miss Brenda: Hello everybody and welcome to my show, Brenda’s Beauty Shop.  And I have some very special guests tonight. I’d like to introduce at this time, my goodness, looky here, we have Krusher Kovaks (SP) and the biggest man in Professional Wrestling today, The Warlord, look at that bicep, Whoo! and definitely the sharpest dressed man and a champion, Russell Sapp, Esquire, and let me introduce at this time, the champion of all champions, The Boss Man. Boss Man, this week, do you have any promises and predictions for us?

Pork Chop Cash: Yes, Miss Brenda, thank you for having me on your show. I’m just so glad to be here, now then, Miss Brenda, I’m gonna let you people on a little secret. Mr. Russell Sapp, Esquire, I’m gonna make him a champion.  I’m gonna make Russell Sapp a champion. I’m gonna get him a match with Ric Flair and he’s gonna be your next world champion. What do you think of that Miss Brenda? That’s the big news, that is the big news. But also, you know I have my big man, Mr. Warlord over here, look at that, just look at that (The Warlord is flexing his muscles) and my other new guest, Mr. Kovac, he’s back with The Boss Man, but lemme tell ya, we’ve got excitement, excitement next week for ya. I may let Mr. Warlord say a few words next week. Miss Brenda, thank you for having me on your show. 

Brenda: My pleasure, Sir. Until next time on Brenda’s Beauty Shop, toodles!


We’ll go back to 1987 to look at Rip Rogers vs. Bulldog Bob Brown.

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