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Rogers goes out of the ring and Brown follows him out. Brown with a headlock and a punch and Rogers pushes Brown off, ramming him in the Ring Post in the process, Rogers rammed Brown into the Ring Post again. Rogers rakes his fingernails on Brown’s back twice. Rogers with a chop to the throat. Rogers throws Brown back into the ring. The fans are chanting “Go Bob Go” which is something that Rick Stewart thought he’d never hear the fans do ever again.

Miss Brenda asks the fans to “shut up.” Rogers with an eyerake and he chokes Rogers on the ropes. The Referee pulls Rogers away from Brown allowing Miss Brenda to choke Brown on the ropes.

Ox asked “what’s this young lady he has with him there?” Rick replied “The lovely and talented Brenda Britton. Now, Rip doesn’t like it too much, but some of the fans seem to think that her name is more apt to be “Fleabag” than Brenda Britton.” That’s why Rick Stewart almost called her “fleabag” during his ring introduction.

Rogers has control of the match for several minutes. Rogers threw Brown out of the ring around the five minute mark. Rogers with an atomic kneedrop on the floor. Brown goes after Miss Brenda but Rogers catches Brown with a forearm and a backrake and they go back to the ring. Rogers with several punches, only Brown isn’t phased one bit. Rogers goes to the corner and asks for a time out.

Bob Brown with a kick and a poke in the eye for Rip Rogers. Brown with a kick and a punch and he sticks his fingers in Rogers’ mouth and Brown is pulling Rogers’ mouth open. Brown rammed Rogers headfirst into the top turnbuckle ten times. Brown with a bodyslam and a legdrop and another legdrop. Bulldog Bob Brown climbed to the top rope and Miss Brenda tried to hit Brown with her purse. Brown gets down from the ropes, grabbed Miss Brenda and he spanks her in the ring. Rip Rogers reaches into his tights.

Rogers sprayed something in Brown’s eyes while the Referee was distracted by Miss Brenda. Rogers goes for the pin and gets the three count. Bob Brown is on the mat in pain and Rick Stewart wants to interview Brown after the commercial break.

Rick: “We’re gonna try to get a word here with Bulldog Bob Brown, just caught a load of something that Hustler Rip Rogers got passed to him by Brenda Britton.”

Bob Brown tried to speak, but he’s still in a great deal of pain. We went to a VTR (Video Tape Replay?) of Bruiser Brody. After that, Rick Stewart is standing in the ring by Bob Brown and Brown is rubbing at his eyes and moaning every now and then.

Rick: “Alright, we’re back on All-Star Wrestling. Bob Brown has had a couple of minutes to get his eyes kind of cleared, to get a little something going.  I’ve seen a lot of things and I never thought I’d say  anything complimentary to you ever again, but that was a low dig from “Hustler” Rip Rogers. Maybe it’s time to get a little even?”

Bob Brown: “I’ll tell ya what. There’s no sense crying over split milk. Y’know I didn’t get the best of him, but I thought I did my job, and I thought I did it well. And I’ll tell ya what, if I could’ve just grabbed her for another thirty seconds, I’d let everybody in the Midwest just know what her body looks like because I was on the verge of ripping her clothes off.”  At this point, Rip Rogers jumped the guard rail and sneaks into the ring behind Rick and Bob.

Bob Brown: “And let me remind you of one thing, Rip Rogers thinks that he’s got me, that he’s...”

Bob Brown turned around as Rip Rogers hit Brown with Miss Brenda’s purse.  Miss Brenda gets in the ring and The Hustler pulls a latex glove and a bottle of something out of the purse. Miss Brenda pours something out of the bottle onto the glove and it’s green slime! Rip Rogers rubs the green slime into Bob Brown’s face. Bob Brown is on the mat kicking and screaming (like he’s throwing a tantrum) thanks to the effects of the green slime.

Rick Stewart gets back to his desk and he may have had some kind of audio problem.

Rick: “...slime that he just put into the eyes of “Bulldog” Bob Brown. Brown just got an eyeful of slime from “Hustler” Rip Rogers. He’s got some kind of protective glove on his hand to that thing away from him. “Bulldog” Bob Brown is down, he’s got that green slime...” 

Rip Rogers: “You mess with “The Hustler” Rip Rogers, look at “Bulldog” Bob Brown now, look at that so-called living legend of Bob Brown. Look at Bob Brown, legend no more. New Legend “Hustler” Rip Rogers. You’re in no shape, Brown, you’ll be in no shape, baby, and I’m the man around here.”

David Brown, the son of Bulldog Bob Brown enters the ring with a towel. Rip is out of the ring near the announcer’s desk with the mic.

Rip: “Yeah, that’s it, take care of Daddy, take care of Daddy, because I’m bad. I’ll knock down anybody that gets in my way, Bruiser Brody included.”

Rick: “David Brown in the ring now, Bob Brown’s son, to try and render some assistance to his Dad. We gotta get somebody out here. We’re gonna be back, you stay with us. More All Star Wrestling right after this.” 

Bulldog Bob Brown’s face turn would not last long. In 1988, he and The Cuban Assassin were the Central States tag team champions and they were being managed by “The Eight Million Dollar Man”, Mr. Russell Sapp, Esquire. 


We’ll look at the feud over the Central States Television Title between Akio Sato and Tommy Wright.

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