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Sato with an eyerake to try to gain some advantage. Sato tried to Irish Whip Wright into a corner, but Wright reversed it. Sato has his hands on the top rope so he can stand, but Wright grabbed both of Sato’s legs and Wright pulled Sato out of the corner the hard way.

Wright with a kneedrop and some stomps to the knee of Sato and several kicks to Sato’s leg. Sato with an eyerake and a thrust to the throat. Sato with a side headlock, Tommy Wright picked Sato up and “atomic kneedropped” Sato knee first into Wright’s own knee. They brawl in the corner and Wright gets the better of Sato. Sato with a kick to Wright that causes Wright to ram into Sonny Myers, knocking him down. Wright with punches for Sato. Sato threw Wright over the top rope while Sonny Myers was down. Sonny is on his feet as Sato climbs to the second rope. Wright gets in the ring looking dazed as Sato with a kneedrop off the second rope. Sato goes for the pin and Sonny Myers counts to two and Wright gets his foot on the rope. As Sonny Myers counts to three, Sato hit Sonny Myers in the back of the head, forcing Sonny’s head to hit the canvas. With this distraction, Sato grabs the leg of Wright and Sonny never knew why he got hit in the head by Sato. Sato gets the Television title and exits the ring. When Art Crews held the TV title in 1984, he carried a trophy, not a title belt. By 1986 they had a belt though. 

Akio Sato defeated Mike George to retain the TV Title on April 10, 1986 in Kansas City. Akio Sato defeated Tommy Wright again on April 17, 1986 in Kansas City. On April 24, 1986 in Kansas City, Tommy Wright fought Ric McCord to a draw. On April 25, 1986 in St. Joseph, Missouri, Akio Sato defeated Broadway Joe and Sato defeated Ric McCord on May 1, 1986 in Kansas City. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed defeated Sato twice in non title matches on May 5, 1986 and on May 15, 1986, both in Kansas City. Mike George would go on to defeat Akio Sato for the Central States TV title on May 23, 1986 in St. Joseph, Missouri, which was the hometown of Mike George. 


We'll look at Rufus R. Jones defending his newly won Central States title against Mr. Pogo.

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