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RS: ...Whom at one time was The Central States Heavyweight Champion.

PCC: Thatís right. Thatís right, Rick Stewart. And I think it will be a very interesting match. Yíknow, anything goes, he can use Karate in this match.

Mr. Pogo backed Rufus into the corner and a punch by Mr. Pogo 

RS: There you see the short punch that is favored by some Karate technicians.

PCC: Yes sir, look at Rufus, look it, look it.

Mr. Pogo with an Irish Whip. Rufus off the ropes with a shouldertackle.  Rufus runs to the ropes, Mr. Pogo drops down. Pogo gets up and Pogo goes for a chop, but he missed. Rufus R. Jones with a headbutt.

PCC: Aw, did you see that? Oh good gracious.

RS: Headbutt from Rufus R. Jones

PCC: Now did you see Rufus R. Jones cheat?

RS: What?

PCC: Did you see he cheat? He cheat! Rufus... he hit him with something. He hit him with something, he cheat!

RS: Um, I didnít see it, Sir. Letís just put it like that. Letís leave it at that. I didnít see it.

PCC: I saw it, but you didnít want to see it, see youíre prejudiced.

RS: No sir.

PCC: Yes, you are.

RS: No sir. I look at this monitor and I call what I see inside the ring.

Mr. Pogo is outside of the ring to clear his head.

PCC: Well, you need to change your glasses, Rick Stewart. You need to have your glasses changed.

Mr. Pogo is back in the ring and Rufus catches Pogo with an armbar.

PCC: Rufus hit him with a foreign object.

RS: Implanted in his head?

PCC: He had it in his hand and hit him!

RS: Oh, oh yes, of course. Umm...

PCC: Now you think Iím crazy, right?

RS: No, no, no Sir. I just think that, um, your imagination may be working overtime.

Rufus R. Jones gives the arm a twist and Mr. Pogo backs Rufus into the corner.

PCC: Rick Stewart, I seen it. Everybody in TV Land seen it.

Mr. Pogo with a punch and again. Mr. Pogo with an Irish Whip and as Rufus comes off the ropes, he catches Mr. Pogo with a shouldertackle. Rufus off the ropes again but Mr. Pogo catches Rufus R. Jones with a karate thrust to the throat!

PCC: Oh, what do you think about that? That was legal.

RS: That was legal in this match.

PCC: That was legal. No, it was legal in any match.

RS: No, Sir, a karate thrust is illegal.

PCC: No, no, no, no, no, no. That was very legal. Very legal.

RS: Now, how do you figure that?

PCC: Because he used his hand and hit him, just like that.

RS: He used the spike of the hand in a karate thrust. Legal in this match, yes, Iíll grant you that, because Karate is legal in this match.

PCC: Ha, ha, ha. I love it. I love it.

Mr. Pogo with another Irish Whip and another thrust to the throat.

PCC: Look at Rufus. Look at that Uncle Tom. Heís flat on his back, looking at the lights. Thatís where he belongs, Rick Stewart.

Mr. Pogo with a spinkick and a fistdrop off of the second rope. Mr. Pogo goes for the pin, but he only gets a count of two from Referee Sonny Myers.

PCC: He pulled the tights, see that?

RS: What?

PCC: He had him by the tights to push him off, Rick Stewart. You saw he had him by the tights. See you donít wanna give credit where credit due.

Mr. Pogo with an Irish Whip and a punch as Rufus comes off the ropes. Mr. Pogo with a kick. Rufus with several punches on Mr. Pogo. Rufus with an Irish Whip. Rufus ran in for the Freight Train, but he got caught with a roundhouse kick instead. Mr. Pogo with an Irish Whip and he missed a spinkick. Rufus with a small package for the three count.

Pork Chop Cash immediately makes his way into the ring, only to get caught by Rufus. Rufus R. Jones has Pork Chop Cash backed into the corner and Rufus is choking Cash. Mr. Pogo is able to get his pair of nunchukuís from the desk of Rick Stewart. Mr. Pogo cracked Rufus in the back of the head with the nunchukuís. Pork Chop Cash is laughing and slapping Rufus in the face repeatedly. Rufus R. Jones is flat on his back in the ring as Pork Chop Cash sticks his finger in the face of Rufus R. Jones and tells him a few things.

Pork Chop Cash and Mr. Pogo go down to Rick Stewart and Pork Chop Cash gets the microphone.

PCC: I challenge Rufus R. Jones to a wrestling match. I want that title. He ainít man enough to hold it. He shouldnít even have it, heís an Uncle Tom, heís a yes man, and Iím the Boss around here, Rick Stewart, and I will get that title.

Pork Chop Cash did indeed ďget that title.Ē On July 10, 1987 in St. Joseph, Missouri, Cash defeated Rufus R. Jones. Pork Chop Cashís reign as Central States Heavyweight Champion was short lived, however, as Rufus R. Jones regained the title from Pork Chop Cash on July 17, 1987 in Kansas City.


Weíll take a look at wrestlingís ďTop GunĒ Mike Stone.

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