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Stone with a Russian Legsweep and he goes for the pin again, but Robertson kicks out at two again. Stone says “He doesn’t want to give up.” Stone backed Robertson into the corner and he goes for an Irish Whip, but Robertson reverses it and Stone is rammed into the opposite corner. Robertson follows him in and lands two punches. Robertson with an Irish Whip and he ducks to deliver a backdrop. Mike Stone off the ropes and he grabbed Robertson by the hair and rammed him headfirst into the mat.

At the five minute mark, Mike Stone waves “Bye Bye” to the crowd and he put Rick Robertson into the “Goodnight Monroe.” Marty Goldstein says “It’s a modified Front Facelock Sleeper. If it doesn’t put a man to sleep, it breaks his neck. It’s as simple as that.” Robertson gives up and your winner is Mike Stone.

Goodnight Monroe is probably better known as "The Dragon Sleeper" used by The UItimo Dragon or "The Test of Faith" currently used by Michael Faith in the Indy circuit.

Mike Stone joins Marty Goldstein for an interview after the match. 

MG: ““Top Gun” Mike Stone, a very impressive victory over Rick Robertson.  You’re back with a vengeance.”

MS: “Of course it was an impressive victory. Now everybody knows when Mike Stone is talking, you better pay attention. If this is the best they can do around here... I said before time and time again, When I’m at home in Montana, I go to the bars and I look for the biggest man and I go and I knock him out right away, and nobody, nobody bothers me. I’m after the big men around here, I want the big men. I don’t want skinny little twerps like this, they are no, no competition for Mike Stone, the Top Gun. A lot of guys around here talking about how big and bad they are. Well the one guy that’s gonna back it up is right here, the Top Gun, I want the big ones.”

MG: “Top Gun, Top Gun one question. That sleeper hold, that Front Face Lock Sleeper, Goodnight Irene (Sic), you say if it doesn’t put a man to sleep, it ’ll break their neck.”

MS: Let me tell you something about the single version of The Montana Sleeper. The single version of the Montana Sleeper is Goodnight Monroe, and I just did it. I said Goodnight to this dude, I want the big men. If this place has any big men, I wanna see ‘em. I want ‘em up front here. Big men fall hard. Mike Stone the Top Gun.”

MG: “Now, Mike Stone has stopped talking because here comes Soloman Grundy, now this is a big man.”

MS: “Listen pal, there’s gonna be a time, [Mike Stone holds his nose as Soloman gets closer] and there’s gonna be a place, and you and I are gonna dance. And when we do, just remember, Mike Stone, Top Gun. I’m gonna imprint that right into your teeth. Right in the middle of your face, “Top Gun”, you’ll remember it all your life.

Mike Stone apparently can’t stand the smell of Solomon Grundy and Stone walks off. For those of you that don’t know, Solomon Grundy is a 450 pound hillbilly, overalls, wrestles barefoot, the whole hillbilly gimmick.

MG: Soloman Grundy, turn around, take a look at the camera. Look at the size of this guy. How ya doing, Soloman?

SG: How are you?

MG: I’m doing fine, and the fans of The WWA have gone nuts over you and what you do in that ring. Hey, Mike Stone wants the big guys, you’re the biggest guy around.

SG: Y’know, I accept Mr. Stone’s challenge.

MG: Just like that?

SG: Just like that, cause I am the biggest man in these parts.

MG: Okay, Solomon Grundy’s gonna be looking for Mike Stone. More action after this.

The second match of the show was Solomon Grundy vs. Gary Jackson (also shown on the show from August 6, 1988). Jay French with the ring introductions... 

Jay French: Your second match of the evening, one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first at 235 pounds, from St. Louis, Missouri, Gary Jackson. His opponent, from Pigsknuckle, Kentucky, weighing in at 465 pounds, Solomon Grundy.

They circle each other before they go to lock up collar-and-elbow, but Jackson goes under the legs of Solomon Grundy rather than lock up with them.  They circle each other some more, they go to lock up, Jackson tries to go under Solomon Grundy again, but Grundy just sits down on Jackson! Jackson can’t move and Grundy gets off of him. Grundy offers to shake hands but he pulls his hand away as Jackson offers his. They circle again and finally lock up collar-and-elbow. Jackson with a kneelift and an elbowsmash. 

Grundy with two punches and an Irish Whip, but Jackson reverses it and sends Grundy into the ropes. Grundy off the ropes and Jackson with a clothesline that doesn’t knock Grundy down. Another clothesline doesn’t even phase Grundy. Grundy with a standing clothesline that knocks Jackson to the mat.  They lock up again and Jackson tries for a leg-trip. Grundy stomps his foot and that sends Jackson to the mat again. They lock up again and Jackson with an eyerake and another one. Jackson with two elbowsmashes. Grundy with a punch and Jackson with punches of his own. Grundy with a kick and a bodyslam. Grundy with an Irish Whip that sends Jackson into the corner.

Grundy runs in but Jackson moved and Grundy hit the corner hard. Jackson tries to follow up with some offense, but Grundy with a shove that sends Jackson across the ring!  They go to lock up, but Jackson with a go behind. Grundy uses his posterior to break free. Grundy with an Irish Whip and Jackson rammed into the posterior of Grundy. Grundy with another Irish Whip that sends Jackson in the corner. Grundy runs in and connects with 465 pounds of charging hillbilly. Grundy falls on top of Jackson with another splash and gets the three count.

The next week on Saturday August 13, 1988, “Top Gun” Mike Stone wrestled Gary Jackson. Announcers Jay French and Marty Goldstein mention that The WWA will be in St. Joseph, Missouri this Saturday, August 20. Marty Goldstein with the introductions to this match.

Marty Goldstein: WWA action continues, one fall or ten minutes. From St. Louis, 232 pounds, he is Gary Jackson. And his opponent from Mile City, Montana, 264 pounds, he is Wrestling’s “Top Gun,” Mike Stone. One fall, ten minutes, Sonny Myers, your Referee.

Stone removes his vest, sunglasses and Destruction Unlimited t-shirt. They circle each other and lock up collar-and-elbow. They break the hold. Marty Goldstein says that The Goodnight Monroe “is the most devastating version of the sleeper that I’ve seen in the 1980’s.” They circle each other and lock up again. Stone backs Jackson into the ropes and Stone with a punch. Stone with an Irish Whip, he tries a clothesline but Jackson ducks, Jackson off the ropes and he hits a dropkick as Stone is bent forward for a backdrop.

Jackson with an armdrag and an armbar on Stone. Stone reached the ropes to break the hold. They lock up and Jackson with an armbar. Stone with a bodyslam. They lock up in a test of strength. Jackson with a kick and a monkeyflip and Stone goes to the floor to regroup. He gets back in the ring and they lock up and it’s Stone with a headlock. Stone with a punch, a double axehandle and he threw Jackson to the floor.

Jackson makes his way to the apron, but Stone with an elbow that knocks Jackson to the floor. Jackson back on the apron, but Stone with a kick.  Jackson is still on the apron so Stone rammed him headfirst into the top turnbuckle twice. Jackson back in the ring, Stone with a leg-trip. Stone with a kick, a backbreaker and a “Heartbreaker” (Marty Goldstein called it a “Frontbreaker”). Stone with two elbowsmashes, Jackson countered with three punches and a headbutt. Jackson with an Irish Whip and a backdrop. Jackson with a kick, a punch and an Irish Whip that sends Stone into the corner. Stone grabbed Jackson’s head and rammed him headfirst into the mat. Stone waves to the crowd and puts Jackson into Goodnight Monroe.

Goldstein is screaming for Sonny to stop the match before Jackson winds up with a broken neck. Your winner is “Top Gun” Mike Stone. Marty Goldstein with an interview after the match.

Marty Goldstein: “Mike Stone very quickly, every time I see you, Goodnight Monroe puts them down to sleep.”

Mike Stone: “Goodnight Monroe” is my secret weapon. Nobody else has it, I’m the only one with “Goodnight Monroe”. This guy just found it out, a little better than last time I was here, but still no competition for the “Top Gun”. I’m on my way to the top once again.

A few weeks later, Mike Stone met Solomon Grundy in the ring. It is after August 13, 1988 but it’s before the “Spirit Fest” on Friday, September 16th in Kansas City at the Municipal Auditorium, in which Chris Adams would take on “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert. The winner of that match would wrestle WWA World Heavyweight Champion Mike George later that night. “Hitman” Doug Gilbert, Missy Hyatt, Chavo Guerrero and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell were also to be at Spirit Fest, as well as WWA regulars. I can’t guess the date any more than that, this match must’ve been shown on TV early in September of 1988.

Mike Stone was to take on Mike Miller, but Miller didn’t show up. Solomon Grundy joined Jay French at the commentator’s table and Grundy said “Y’know people cheat all the time, y’know, y’know, Mike Stone, if you wanna hit somebody with something, boy, I got something for ya (Grundy holds up a rope with a cowbell on it), y’know, he cheated.” Grundy and Stone must’ve met sometime in between these matches.

Grundy hit the ring and they just brawled on the mat. It’s not a scheduled match and all they are doing is trading punches. Mike George, The Grim Reaper, The Demon, TC Carter, Jason Sterling, Ric McCord, Vince Apollo, Gary Jackson and Roger Howell all hit the ring to break this up. Twice Stone breaks free to brawl with Grundy, but then Stone and the heels leave the ring.


We’ll take a look at the feud between “The Freight Train” Rufus R. Jones and “Gentleman” Ken Timbs from 1984 to 1988!

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