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Manny Fernandez came to The Central States area in July 1982 and had several matches with Hercules Hernandez. Hercules Hernandez teamed with Dewey Robertson, Sheik Abdullah, Roger "Nature Boy" Kirby, and Kim Duk (AKA Tiger Chung Lee). The team of Hercules Hernandez and Sheik Abdullah wrestled Dewey Robertson and Mike George and later in the month Hercules and Dewey became a tag team. Hercules wrestled in singles matches with Buzz Tyler, Mike George, Manny Fernandez and Harley Race among others.

Hercules Hernandez was managed by Sir Oliver Humperdink by this time, and the House of Humperdink was involved in a feud with Harley Race. Hernandez wrestled Race in a match with the stipulation that if Race could get up from his match with Hernandez, then Race would get Humperdink inside a steel cage. Hercules was disqualified in this match for using brass knuckles. Humperdink and Hernandez beat on Race. Mike George and Manny Fernandez came to the rescue and Humperdink and Hernandez left quickly.

When Harley Race got to the steel cage, Hercules grabbed him from behind and Humperdink attacked Race as well. Manny Fernandez came to the ring and he and Hercules fought and the referee was able to shut the door. Humperdink kept on the attack until Harley Race came back to life. Hernandez and Fernandez made their way back to the dressing room, but Hernandez came back and threw a steel cage into the ring. Hernandez tried to climb the cage to help his manager, and Race managed to get the chair and hit Hernandez. Fernandez came back and got Hernandez out of the cage, and Harley Race gave Humperdink a piledriver on the chair.

Sir Oliver Humperdink brought in a manager to help him out while he recovered, "Gorgeous" Gary Royal became the new manager for Hernandez. I donít know if Humperdink came back to the Central States area or if the injury angle was done so Humperdink could go to a different area. I know that Humperdink was in the Mid-Atlantic area in 1983.

The team of Hercules Hernandez and Dewey Robertson won the Central States Tag team from the team of Mike George and Mark Romero in the Summer of 1982 (possibly in early August). Mike George and Mark Romero regained the belts on August 19, 1982. Hernandez and Robertson regained the belts on September 30, 1982 and they lost them the second time to the team of Bob Brown and Buzz Tyler on November 21, 1982.

Hercules Hernandez wrestled as one of the Assassins in the Mid-Atlantic area and was unmasked by "The Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant in 1983 or early 1984. Hercules Hernandez came to Mid-South in 1984 as the protege of Mr. Wrestling II, who had turned heel and decided that he simply wanted to be "Mr. Wrestling" and Hercules Hernandez became "Mr. Wrestling II". (PWI and its sister publications referred to Hernandez as "Mr. Wrestling III). "Mr. Wrestling" left Mid-South in the summer of 1984 and Jim Cornette hired "Mr. Wrestling II" to be his bodyguard. The Midnight Express wrestled the PYT Express in a match with Hernandez and Cornette at ringside. The PYT's won, Hernandez (as II) came in and it was a 3 on 2 attack until "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan came in and unmasked Mr. Wrestling II and revealed Hercules Hernandez. Hernandez joined forces with Ted DiBiase and they became part of Devastation Inc. managed by General Skandor Akbar in Mid-South. Hercules Hernandez went to the WWF and dropped his last name and wrestled with Paul Roma as the tag team Power and Glory. Hercules Hernandez was briefly in WCW in the early 1990's as The Super Invader, where he was managed by Harley Race. Race also managed Big Van Vader and Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash). Hercules went to Japan and teamed with Scott Norton as The Jurassic Powers. I don't know what Hercules Hernandez wrestled after that, and I don't know if he still wrestles.


"We're the greatest tag-team livin' today. They got a name for ya when you're the greatest tag-team in Rasslin' today, they don't call you a great team, they call you The Grapplers!"

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