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Kevin: So in other words, that boot will not be used by Grappler #1?

Bob: It will never be used again by anyone.

Kevin: Very good, Well, there you have it. What about the titles?

Bob: The team that wins the title tonight will be the champions.

The match for the titles were shown later in the program, and we joined the match about 10 minutes into the action. Grappler #1 is in the ring with Ted and Ted tags Jerry. Grappler #1 is wearing another orthopedic boot. The Oates Brothers have the orthopedic boot that Grappler #1 wears on the ringpost in their corner. This was about a 20 minute match, and it was joined in progress about 10 minutes into it. The Grapplers worked on Jerry during the match that was televised (Jerry was playing Ricky Morton). Finally Jerry was able to tag Ted Oates and Ted brawled with The Grapplers and Jerry and Grappler #2 went outside and brawled on the hardwood floor of the arena. Grappler #1 gave Ted a piledriver in the ring. Ted and #1 are the legal men. Jerry gets into the ring and goes to his corner and gets the orthopedic boot that they have sitting on the ringpost and Jerry grabbed the boot with both hands and drove the toe of the boot into the mat three times which loaded the boot. Then Jerry hit Grappler #1 with the boot and conveniently referee Sonny Myers didnít see any of this (like a good referee should) because he was trying to get Grappler #2 to his own corner. Sonny turned around, saw Ted was going for the pin, and Sonny counted 3. Ted and Jerry Oates won the Central States tag team belts and Grappler #1 felt the wrath of his own boot. Such stars as Ron Ritchie, "Bulldog" Bob Brown and The Oates Brothers have felt the wrath of the boot, and now the tables were turned on The Grapplers. The Grapplers regained the belts from Ted and Jerry Oates a week later with help from the orthopedic boot again.


Bulldog Bob Brown

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