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Bob Brown started feuding with Marty Jannetty. Bob teamed with Mr. Pogo to face the team of Marty Jannetty and Harley Race. It was a wild match that Jannetty and Race won by Disqualification. Rufus R. Jones and Marty Jannetty wrestled Pogo and Brown to a draw on September 27, 1985. Marty teamed with Art Crews and they lost to Pogo and Brown on September 30, 1985. Bob Brown faced Marty Jannetty in a singles match in Kansas City on October 3, 1985 that ended in a double disqualification. Brown beat Jannetty in a rematch on October 10, 1985. On October 24, 1985, Marty Jannetty beat Bob Brown in a steel cage match. On Halloween 1985, they wrestled to a double disqualification. Jannetty pinned Brown on November 7, 1985.

On September 22, 1985, Marty Jannetty defeated Mr. Pogo for the Central States Title in Des Moines, Iowa. Brett (Wayne) Sawyer won the belt from Jannetty on December 5, 1985 in Kansas City. Bob Brown defeated Sawyer for the belt on December 17, 1985 in Ames, Iowa. Bob Brown would vacate the title on September 26, 1986 when Jim Crockett buys the territory but the belt is later reactivated.

Bob Brown would win The Central States title at least 16 times between 1968 and 1987. Bob Brown held the Central States tag team titles with Dick Murdoch, Pat OíConnor, Rufus R. Jones, Terry Taylor, Buzz Tyler (3 times), Marty Jannetty, and The Cuban Assassin. Bob Brown also held the Central States versions of the NWA North American Title and the North American Tag Team Titles in the 1960ís.

By the way, in the Georgia area of the NWA in 1984, there was a jobber named Bob Brown, but that wasnít "Bulldog" Bob Brown. That Bob Brown was a bit shorter and smaller than Bulldog Bob Brown.

I had the pleasure of meeting "Bulldog" Brown on March 9, 1985 in Parsons, Kansas and again on March 13, 1985 in Iola, Kansas. Iíve been trying to remember since I started writing this article who Brown wrestled on those nights but I canít remember. I got Bobís autograph at the show in Iola.

"Bulldog" Bob Brown died on February 6, 1997 of a heart attack in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of 58.


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