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"Well we were going to bring you the introductions, but there were none" Kevin Wall said as they came back from commercials. Stan Hansen and Baron Von Raschke are brawling on the floor and the Baron rams Hansen into the ring post. The Baron is still in his robe and Hansen is still wearing his vest and chaps. The Baron climbs into the ring and takes off his robe and Hansen grabbed a steel chair and threw it in the ring. Hansen comes into the ring as The Baron gets the chair and hits Hansen with it. Hansen goes out of the ring and takes off his vest and chaps while he was out on the floor. The Baron attacks Hansen when Hansen gets on the apron and The Baron rams Hansen into the top turnbuckle. Hansen gets into the ring and rakes The Baronís eyes. Hansen throws The Baron through the ropes but Von Raschke holds onto the ropes and is laying on the ring apron. Hansen with a kick to The Baronís gut which knocks him to the floor and Hansen goes out after him. Hansen rams The Baron into The Ring Post and with Von Raschke on the floor, Hansen chokes The Baron with a cord or a rope. Referee Bobby Whitlock tries in vain to get Hansen to stop. Hansen goes back into the ring and does the Texas Salute and yells "HOOOOOOOOO!" The Baron tries to make his way into the ring, but Hansen cuts him off at the ring apron, turns The Baron around and hits his chest with a clubbing forearm smash. Baron falls to the apron. Hansen uses the ropes to deliver a knee drop and then he chokes The Baron with his leg . Bobby Whitlock tries to break it up and Hansen grabs Whitlockís shirt and threatens to hit him. Hansen kicks Von Raschke as Bobby Whitlock tries to get Hansen to get away with Von Raschke since heís too near the ropes. Hansen with a kick that causes The Baron to be hung up between the middle and bottom ring ropes. Hansen puts the boots to him. Von Raschke gets untangled and Hansen picks him up and bodyslams him down. Hansen with an elbowdrop and he only gets a two count. Hansen yells "Count him out Dammit!" and he gives Bobby Whitlock a shove. Kevin Wall says that "Hansen is dangerously close to disqualification."

Hansen rams The Baron into the ring turnbuckle, Hansen with punches and chops while The Baron is in the corner of the ring. Hansen takes The Baron to the center of the ring with a snap mare followed by a chinlock that looks like it could slip into a choke. Von Raschke is laying on the mat with the chinlock applied by Hansen. Bobby Whitlock raises The Baronís arm and it falls limply to the mat, Bobby does it again and The Baronís arm hits the mat again. Bobby raises Von Raschkeís arm again and it falls to the mat right as Von Raschke raises it off the mat. Hansen thinks he won and he releases the chin lock and stands up. Bobby Whitlock says that the match is not over. That gave The Baron an opening and he fires back with punches and he rams Stan Hansen into the turnbuckle. Hansen is in the corner on his knees begging for mercy. The Baron with a kick and punches and The Baron with an Irish Whip and Hansen comes off the ropes and he is met with an elbowsmash. Hansen goes out of the ring to the floor and he grabs a chair, but he drops it because he has a better idea.

I donít think Iíve ever explained about the ring barricades that they used at The Memorial Hall in Kansas City for these shows. The Ring Partitions are green and between two and three feet high (you can see the heads and chests of the fans) and around 10 to 15 feet long. They are made out of wood and thereís no openings or slats or anything in the wood, just a solid piece of green wood. Well, Hansen grabbed the partition and tried to put it in the ring! Yes, read that again, Iíll wait. Hansen had it up to his chest and had it on the ropes but Bobby Whitlock was there to grab it and Hansen had to put it back on the floor. Hansen comes in the ring and they brawl back outside as either fans or security put the partition back upright. Von Raschke rams Hansen headfirst in the partition once it is upright. They go back in the ring and The Baron backs Hansen in the corner and pokes Hansen in the eye. The Baron with an Irish Whip that sends Hansen into the opposite turnbuckles and they exchange punches and kicks. The Baron gives Hansen a bodyslam and The Baron starts goose-stepping. The Baron signals for The Claw Hold and he dives down on Hansen but Hansen moves out of the way and The Baron lands hand first on the mat. The Baron stands up and Hansen comes off of the ropes with a Lariat and Hansen goes for the pin at the five minute mark and gets the three count. Hansen kicks Von Raschke as he stands up and then The Baron starts punching Hansen. Hansen with two hard chops on The Baron followed by punches. The Baron rams Hansen into the ring turnbuckle three times. Hansen rakes The Baronís eyes Hansen goes outside and gets the ring bell from Timekeeper Terry Garvin. Hansen hits The Baron with the ring bell and we go to commercials.

After the match Kevin Wall interviewed Stan Hansen

Kevin: Well, order has finally been restored here at ringside. We are going to get a chance to visit with The Badman from Borger Texas...

Stan: Everybody knows who the hell I am! Iím Badman Stan Hansen from Borger Damn Texas! All these people around this area you better get used to seeing my big ugly puss right here. Bring Ďem all out. Baron Von Whatever-his-name, this little fat Avalanche, I donít care. The man from Texas is here, and I donít care about him, I donít care about you, and I donít care about that big boob up there in the balcony."

Kevin: A man who has made his presence felt in The Central States area very, very quickly, weíre talking about Stan Hansen. Weíll continue on All-Star Wrestling, but first this time out.

This was the wildest match that I had ever seen in 1984, and one of the wildest matches that Iíve seen in the 1980ís. It might seem tame by todayís standards though.


Iíll write about a frequent tag team partner of Hansen, "King Kong" Bruiser Brody about a match between Bruiser Brody and Kamala and two matches in which Brody took on Ric Flair.

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