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Orton unmasked The Best exposing him to be Bob Roop at that particular time.  Orton gave an obviously unconscious Roop two more punches to the head just for good measure.  It was plain to the viewing audience the Syndicate had done in Roop and dressed him up as the best.  Orton demanded Roop be suspended indefinitely as he claimed he had exposed without a doubt that his old tag team partner was the best.  

Another sequence, which involved the same angle, was very telling.  Orton Jr. was wrestling Pez Whatley in the main event match of that TV studio hour.  Leaping Lanny snuck to the announcer’s desk with a sports athletic bag.  This was a brand new expensive looking gym travel bag.  He relayed the contents of the bag to John Back and the studio audience.  Lanny showed the bag to contain The Best’s mask, wrestling tights, and boots.  Lanny quickly left leaving the bag on the desk with John Back.  Izzy Slapowitz who was at ringside with Orton noticed the bag a minute or so after Lanny left.  The action had been furious in the ring so neither villain had seen what had occurred just prior.  Izzy began blowing his whistle and pointing at the bag.  Orton immediately jumped out of the ring and asked the announcer “What are you doing with my bag?”  Orton lost the match by count out when he and Izzy fled back stage with the bag.  

Later on in the same show, Bob Roop came out to the podium with the empty bag.  He stated he had found it in the back and wanted to question Izzy and Orton about its contents and how it related to The Best.  Roop showed the video of Lanny exposing the contents of the bag.  Suddenly Orton changed his story and said the bag was not his and that he had made the mistake prior thinking it was his.  Roop questioned Bob as to how a college graduate would not recognize his own equipment bag.  Orton stated again he had made a mistake and that the bag was not his.  Roop point blank again asked Orton and Izzy if the bag was Orton’s.  Again they denied.  Then Roop proceeded to cut up the bag with a knife saying that Orton should have no problem with him doing that.  Roop also expanded that he had asked every wrestler back stage if they recognize the bag and no one claimed it.  Orton became highly irritated as Roop proceeded to dismantle the bag, stating “You don’t have to do that to the bag.”   It was an enjoyable sequence as Roop laughed at Orton, but Orton could not get too mad as he had claimed the bag was not his.  

Another incident, which I had not filled all the details in before, was the injury of Rick Zarta.  Zarta had been injured in a match on his knee.  I just came upon information to realize that it was The Bad One, Pistol Pez Whatley, who had a hand in Zarta’s misfortune.  In a match between the two in September of 81, Zarta leaped over Pez and twisted his knee upon landing.  Pez went to work on his already injured foes weak point and captured the victory.  Zarta’s misfortune was talked about for a month or so on the show and many foes would attempt to work on this weak point.  

In conclusion, sorry to back track on the details of the promotion this month.  Just trying to give the people as much info to remember the promotion with.  


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