ICW (Poffo) #16  Page #2

Although both these characters were bad guys at the time of the pairing they had never worked together as a unit.  From what I have heard they were apprehensive at first about teaming, being as they had had a yearlong feud in 80 and 81, but once they won a match in the tournament it was as if they had worked together forever.  

Somehow in the pairings and matches of this tournament it was determined by Ronnie Garvin that the great Tio and Chief Tapu had some kind of secret relationship.  Evidently one of these men was a partner of Garvin and the team lost and Garvin concluded his partner threw the match.  As all ICW fans know Tio and Tapu are a father and son team who wrestled extensively throughout the mid-South in the mid to late 70’s.  I would speculate Garvin did one of his famous exposés on one of the shows following the tournament and revealed the kinship between these two men.  


We will further explain how the tag champs became the new “Convertible Blondes” and look at other events of early 1982. 

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