ICW (Poffo) #17  Page #2

Pez lost the match and thus had to wear the silly looking cap.  Garvin gave him no relief in ridding himself of this item; Garvin interfered twice in Pezí TV matches where potentially Pez could have exercised himself of the cap.  Also, about this time Pez started to call himself King Pistol Pez Whatley.  He crowned himself with a big red crown and continued to feud with Garvin and Leaping Lanny.  

The Miser at this time held the organizationís television championship, as he had defeated the great Tio.  Angelo Poffo continued to defend this belt after he was unmasked around the area by Ronnie Garvin.  Most of Angeloís title defenses were against entry level talent i.e. John Ruffin, Hoot Gibson, and Bill Martin come to mind as individuals he wrestled for the title.  


We will look at 1982 again with the emergence of some new talent and a tag team partner double cross on TV.  

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