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In addition to the above angles described, a rift had developed between Bob Orton Jr. and Randy Savage.  This revolved around the control of their protégé Crusher Broomfield.  It was originally described that both men had control of the big man.  Orton Jr would accompany crusher to the ring most of the time.  Crusher even was required to be at ringside when Orton would wrestle on TV or at the arenas.  It was explained to the viewing audience that there was some dissention over whom Crusher was to be with and thus the destroyer attacked Bob Orton Jr. after Orton had won an easy TV studio match.  This was kind of odd as just the prior week Orton Jr. and the destroyer had dismantled two opponents in a tag match in the studio.  This scenario was cut short – it looked as if the bookers were going to make Orton Jr. a face.  The reason this angle was abruptly affected was Orton Jr. left the promotion at this particular time.  I believe a series of matches between Orton Jr. and Savage were on the horizon, but this feud did not get off the ground with Bobby fleeing the promotion.  As a side note, Savage and Orton had wrestled previously in the early all star/ICW days in September of 79 in singles matches plus in a main event tag match of Garvin and Orton vs. Boris Malenko and Savage about the same time. 

Thanks for letting me backtrack this month but the information I acquired required further explanation to a lot of blanks I had left before. 


We will look at The Destroyer character further and the television title changes in the time frame of mid 1981.

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