ICW (Poffo) #19  Page #2

All these results were noted on the TV show, and it seemed as if the young blonde star might achieve solid mid card status.  Strangely enough though, McCord moved to the rival promotion of Jerry Jarrett later in the year and languished as an opening event participant.  This just seemed odd to me given the attention Angelo Poffo had generated for this man. 

Another unusual sequence, which I viewed on tapes, recently must be relayed.  After a match of Orton Jr. vs. a jobber, a wild melee broke out when Crusher Broomfield helped the Destroyer attack their former friend.  The Great Tio joined Broomfield and Savage with Ronnie Garvin and Bob Roop came to the cause to attack the bad guys.  It ended with the faces (and Orton) clearing the ring and the infamous back-to-back bump, which we later saw the Mega Powers do in the WWF some five years later.  This time it was Garvin and Orton meeting together as friends against a common foe.  However, they did not end it with the same handshake Hogan and Savage would do sometime later.  This was the action, which I feel was leading to the change over of Orton Jr. which I described in last monthís column. 


We will look at the US tag team situation again and reveal another television double cross I am sure most fans arenít aware of from mid 1982.    

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