ICW (Poffo) #22  Page #2

Thus the stage was set for the match up between Savage and Ratamyas with the cage match determined as the best source to control the action between the two.  The match was scheduled for a one hour time limit and the action went back and forth for a good 30 minutes.  Savage seized control of his foe for awhile, and then went to finish off Ratamyas.  Randy climbed to the top of the cage, a good nine feet from the ring apron and attempted his patented big elbow on his dazed opponent.  Ratamyas was actually not that far across the ring from the corner Savage mounted to punish his foe, and Savage actually leaped up and not out in his attempt to inflict more damage from his move. 

However, Ratamyas had other ideas.  He quickly scurried out of Savage's trajectory causing Randy to inflict a great deal of impact on his own body when he crashed to the canvas.  It seemed to myself as an observant mark that Savage was genuinely injured from the move he attempted to win the match with.  The next sequence involved Ratamyas putting Savage into his Devil's Triangle with the referee quickly stopping the bout.  Lexington's fans were let down as Ratamyas had triumphed again as he had in all his previous ICW matches.  


We will look at other happenings around the ICW in the time frame of late '82 and early '83

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