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"Fabulous" Phil Apollo:  One half of the former ICW Tag Team Champions, "The Dynamic Duo" with partner Erich Sbraccia.  Apollo also excelled as a solo-competitor, holding the ICW Heavyweight title.  Apollo went on to compete in World Class Championship Wrestling as "Playboy" Vince Apollo.  While in World Class, Apollo formed "New Age Management" with legendary manager Gary Hart.  Apollo worked TV matches for the WWF in the nineties and even had a brief stint as one of the Doink the Clown characters when there were multiple Doinks running rampant in the WWF.  Apollo is still active in the wrestling business as he still runs shows occasionally throughout New England.   

Robbie Ellis:  "The Walter Mitty of Professional Wrestling", Robbie Ellis earned that nick-name for his passion, not only for Professional Wrestling, but the world of art as well.  Ellis is an accomplished painter who is the Co-owner of Portland, Maine's Barridoff Gallery.  Ellis held the ICW Junior Heavyweight title and his feuds with the Pink Assassin made for some great matches in the late-1980's.  Ellis has also been featured in the pages of Sports Illustrated and thus he is now known as "The Sports Illustrated Legend" when he competes on various New England indies today.  Ellis currently resides in the state of Maine.   

The Pink Assassin:  One of the most flamboyant and controversial figures in ICW was the Pink Assassin.  With his handy spray can and outlandish ring costumes, this native of Fire Island New York contested for the ICW Junior Heavyweight Championship.  He had memorable battles with Joe Savoldi and Robbie Ellis while in ICW.  The Pink Assassin went on to hold the CWA Junior Heavyweight Championship and also managed some of the top stars in NWA New England.  He is living in Massachusetts and occasionally appears on indy events throughout New England.  I'm proud to say that "The Pink One" is a good friend of mine and even attended my wedding!   

Erich Sbraccia:  A former ICW Tag Team Champion (with Phil Apollo), Sbraccia also held the ICW Junior Heavyweight Championship.  Sbraccia broke into the sport in ICW at the young age of 16 and "paid his dues" against the likes of Kevin Sullivan and "The Purple Haze" Mark Lewin.  Sbraccia went on to become the first NWA New England Heavyweight Champion, defeating Vic Steamboat in 1998.  Sbraccia's shining moment came at the NWA's 50th Anniversary Convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in October of 1998 when he and Knuckles Nelson, collectively known as "The Brotherhood" won the NWA World Tag Team Championship under the guidance of "The Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble.  Sbraccia also worked WWF TV matches and still resides and competes in the Boston area.  I'm also glad to say that he is one of the best friends I've made in this business!   

The Star Warrior:  One of the most popular stars in ICW, The Star Warrior came to prominence in 1991 when he came to the aid of "Jumpin'" Joe Savoldi.  The Star Warrior had previously worked TV matches for the WWF under the name Ronnie Dee.  Ronnie would also later appear on episodes of WWF Monday Night Raw from 1993 to 1994.  He also competed as on New England indies, such as Tony Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance.  Ronnie D. Lishus is the name currently used by the former Star Warrior, as he is currently one-half of the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Champions along with his partner, Edward G. Xtasy.  The talented duo is known as "The Innovators of the One Night Stand" and have held their straps since October of 2000.

Vic Steamboat:  The younger brother of former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Vic won the ICW Heavyweight title from "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas in 1990.  He also held the ICW Tag Team Championship with "Jumpin'" Joe Savoldi as the "S & S" Express and was one of the most popular stars with ICW.  He and Savoldi feuded with Tony Rumble's Undertakers in one of the most heated wars in the promotion's history.  One angle between the two teams resulted in Rumble and his crew attacking Steamboat and using a mysterious "hair creme" to take away some of his hair.  Steamboat also competed in Championship Wrestling from Florida and World Class Championship Wrestling.  In 1993, he joined Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance and won the CWA Heavyweight title from The Iron Sheik and also held the CWA TV and Tag Team titles as well.  Steamboat currently resides in Massachusetts and appears on NWA New England events from time to time.   This list of ICW stars has just scratched the surface.     

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I'll focus on some of the other stars of Professional Wrestling who had passed through ICW at one time or another.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the column and, as always, I welcome your questions and comments. 

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