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I don’t think there was a title involved in this feud, just a bitter hatred that Shultz had for Idol. Idol was being presented with an award for his charity work in the community. Idol gave his acceptance speech, which of course included his usual line of “being tickled pink” to his being recognized. Then came the actual presenting of the award, and Idol got it alright: right across the head. Then suddenly, Shultz comes out of the back and joins in the attack. He manages to cut some of Idol’s golden locks. This set up the feud, and Idol was hot. He gained his revenge on the alleged reporter who presented him with the award. He turned out to be a wrestler (although I don’t quite recall who he was, but definitely an under card guy). Idol was pummeling the hapless guy, until Shultz came in and attacked. They had their feud around the loop, and soon Shultz departed. I don’t recall a definitive winner in this feud, and a blow off match may not have taken place. Nonetheless it was still a hot feud while it lasted. 

Idol vs. Wayne Ferris: Although I talked about this in length in last month’s column, it bears reemphasizing. This was the hot feud when I first became initiated into Southeastern Championship Wrestling. The paint the hair black premise was classic, and like nothing I had ever seen before. To read more on this feud, refer to last month’s column. 

Idol vs. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair: It was always a guaranteed barnburner when these two hooked up, and they hooked up plenty. It was always for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship when these two men hooked up. Each match was worth every penny paid to witness it. They met in Dothan, Mobile and Pensacola, and it always appeared that Idol was walking out with the gold. They had a great chemistry together, and always gave 100 percent. When Flair talks about the great wrestlers he defended the title against, he may forget to mention Idol’s name, but Idol made an impression on Flair that I believe Naitch should acknowledge. There are two specific incidents that stick out in my mind between these two. The Mongolian Stomper had been preparing Idol for his upcoming defense against Flair. For weeks on Southeastern TV, they showed Idol training with the Stomper giving him advice. These promos seemed to set the stage that Idol was going to be the next NWA World Champion. Then right before the match, on TV they showed a video promo by Flair hyping the upcoming match. He ended it on this note: “I have found a cure for Austin Idol.” Then they cut back to the studio and Charlie Platt, Idol and Stomper are at the desk. Stomper was standing behind Idol. Idol says to Platt: “as far as Flair saying he found I cure for Austin Idol, I don’t know what he meant.” Then Stomper says, “I know exactly what he meant.” Stomper then grabbed a chair and smashed Idol face first into the chair. This supposedly broke Idol’s nose. Idol was gone for a bit, but finally returned with his face in a cast, and a beard. He fought Flair at the Houston County Farm Center in Dothan, and won via disqualification, when Stomper interfered. The other that sticks out in my mind is when Flair was in Dothan at the TV taping to defend the title against Mr. Las Vegas (Idol in a mask). I think this was because Flair refused to defend the belt against Idol anymore. This match was the main event of the TV taping. It was so obvious that Mr. Las Vegas was Idol, but it was still a very cool premise. The match ended with Idol, uh, Mr. Las Vegas locking in the Las Vegas leg lock on Flair outside of the ring before being attacked by The Midnight Express. They wrestled each other many more times, but those two incidents are definitely the highlights of a superb feud. 

Idol vs. The Stud’s Stable: While I was gone to Buffalo, NY for most of this feud I did see some of the most important aspects of it. First Idol had a great feud with Lord Humongous (not sure which one though). They feuded over the Southeastern Heavyweight title. But in an almost duplication of the Idol/Freebirds incident in Georgia, one of the best angles ever occurred. Idol was scheduled to be at the Dothan TV taping that day, but he wasn’t there. Platt kept everyone abreast of the situation. Then as the hour is almost over, a beaten down Idol shows up in the studio. The Stud’s Stable attacked Idol at a gas station right outside of town. The valiant Idol crawled and clawed his way to the studio to get his revenge. 

These are some of the best memories I have of wrestling period, and are the reason why I was such a fan. While Idol had other feuds, for me these ones just stick out. I was not in the area when he feuded with Sterling Golden (Hogan). I was not in the area during his heel days either. Later when Southeastern Championship Wrestling became Continental, Idol had some tremendous feuds with Adrian Street and Vic Rains. Around this time Idol spent less and less time in the area. 

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