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Now forgive me if my memories are a little fuzzy, but I seem to recall an altercation at the desk, which of course Robert got the better of. Also another time that Robert returned, which to me was very special, was during Ron’s run as a heel, with “The Stud’s Stable.” Ron and Jimmy were making life in Southeastern miserable for Armstrong and Austin Idol. Robert returned to even the sides. Eventually, Robert would turn heel and join the “Stud’s Stable,” and ultimately take over the moniker “The Tennessee Stud” and the “Stud’s Stable.” Those are some high points that really stick out for me, when thinking of Robert Fuller.

Jimmy Golden: Although I’ve learned he was an outstanding heel prior to me being able to see Southeastern in 1982, I never could imagine Jimmy Golden as anything but a good guy. So you can imagine my shock in 1985 when I returned to Pensacola from Buffalo, that Jimmy was a bad guy. For me Jimmy was like Idol in that he was an ultra-baby face. I have a lot of memories of Jimmy, but the one that sticks out most in my mind was the beginning of his feud with “The Flame” (Jody Hamilton). “The Flame” burned Jimmy with a fireball, which of course “The Flame” blamed on an arsonist fan, even when confronted with the videotaped evidence. Jimmy came back with a white mask, and called himself “The Extinguisher.” Everyone knew it was Jimmy. He didn’t even bother to kayfabe it, which was a great part of the story, as he didn’t even tie the mask. Jimmy’s long, bushy hair stuck out from the back of the mask, and the voice was clearly Jimmy’s. Little things like that are a lost art, but made for compelling stories. Jimmy also feuded with Bob Armstrong over the Southeastern title, which they traded back and forth with each other. Jimmy also held the Southeastern Heavyweight Championship more than any other wrestler, at least from what I remember. Ironic though that Jimmy never held the Continental title.

As a team, Jimmy and Robert were great. Whether feuding with the Sheepherders, Armstrong and “The Flame,”  The R.A.T. Patrol, or The Nightmares for example, “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose” was certainly appropriate as their theme song, which they used. It seems Robert and Jimmy held the Southeastern and Continental Tag Team Championships more than any other team.

A personal memory I’d like to share is many times at The Bayfront Auditorium in Pensacola, Florida, Jimmy and Robert would go out of their way to make sure I was having fun. Whenever I went to the matches, I say next to the bad guys entrance to the ring. There were many times that they would be at the entrance way watching the action, and they would always exchange in some conversation. They knew I was a huge fan of theirs, and I think they got a kick out of it. There were times when I’d hang out by the heels entrance into the building and Robert would invite me in for free. He never let me in the dressing room though. I must have collected their autographs a zillion times. Robert and Jimmy were class acts, through and through. I hope they get the chance to read this, and I thank them immensely for providing me and all Southeastern fans a wealth of Kayfabe Memories.


I will recall my memories of Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey, two of the most overlooked wrestlers of all time. Until next time, this is Jeff Luce signing off. 

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