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A couple of things made this bad guy switch special. First, Bob Armstrong to this point was a career good guy. There must have been some question whether it could be pulled off. Those questions were answered in spades. Another thing that made this special was the fact that it was acknowledged that Armstrong and Fuller were best friends. Nothing better than a feud between two guys who used to be best of friends. Finally, and this maybe what made it more special is what came down the road when Bob's bad guy run had come to an end.

"The Bullet" was a bad dude. He was a complete departure from his good guy self. Nothing humble about "The Bullet," no, he was super-arrogant. He had this pencil thin moustache was a unique character touch. His interview style was definitely different. He spoke quite often of his benefactor, Miss Fanny Mae Titwaller. She gave "The Bullet" gifts, which he would flash about when he was on TV. One gift that stands out in significance is a diamond earring she gave "The Bullet." You'll see the significance in a few minutes.

"The Bullet" also formed an outstanding tag team with "The Flame," who was The Assassin under a different disguise. They ran roughshod over the territory. They feuded with Jimmy Golden, Ken Lucas, Col. Buck Robley and eventually someone very special. "The Bullet" did some pretty reprehensible things. He beat up announcer Rick Stewart right in the middle of the ring on TV. He slapped his own flesh and blood, Brad Armstrong. In fact, in order to bring some semblance of order back to the area, the good guys brought in a special man to help out. In a box, sitting in front of the desk in the studio, a present awaited. Austin Idol, Jimmy Golden and Mr. Olympia said when they were ready to let it be known what was in the box, they would. You know the old story curiosity killed the cat, well curiosity beat up "The Bullet." Armstrong couldn't wait any longer and began tearing into the box, then he started screaming. Latched to his left year were the teeth of Buck "Don't Call Me Yellow" Robley. Armstrong and his ear got away, but the gift from Miss Fanny Mae Titwaller didn't. The man from "Drop In U.S.A." ate it.

"The Bullet's" reign of terror had to come to an end sometime, and Charlie Platt had the cure for "The Bullet." One week Armstrong slapped Platt across the face. Well that was all that Platt could stand. The next week, Charlie had a surprise for "The Bullet." Armstrong came out to harass Platt as usual, but Platt produced a box and placed it on the desk. He pulled out a pair of boots and sat them down. He pulled out a pair of wrestling trunks and showed them to Armstrong. Then the clincher, he pulled out the orange and white mask with the initials T.S. "The Bullet" was livid. He went to attack Platt when up from behind T.S. grabbed Armstrong in a full nelson and Platt reared back and slapped the heck out of "The Bullet." "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller was back. He had retired because of Armstrong turning on him. But this wasn't even Ron's best revenge. That came many months later. Bob turned good guy again when he saved his sons from an attack by The Midnight Express. Bob needed a special mystery partner, and he called on an old friend. During the match, Bob got his butt kicked. He tagged in his mystery partner, "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller, who immediately tagged Armstrong back in. This happened a couple of times before Ron Fuller got the ultimate revenge on Bob Armstrong, he turned on him. Tit for tat and now the situation was reversed. And another legendary twist to the Fuller/Armstrong saga was made.


The next chapter in the Fuller/Armstrong feud.

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