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Most all of you know that I am a huge Robert Fuller fan, so I will take this opportunity to tell you all about one of my favorite moments ever. With Ron Fuller and his "Stud Stable" running roughshod over the area, it was time to really stir things up. Bob and Ron had their feud in full swing. Jimmy Golden versus Austin Idol was hot, hot, hot. So hot in fact, that they signed for a white flag match. Well the good guys had a huge plan in store for "The Stud Stable." Of course, Ron Fuller was to be Jimmy Goldenís flag holder, but whom was Idol going to get? If you could have seen the look on Ron and Jimmyís faces when Robert Fuller emerged from the dressing room, like a MasterCard commercial: priceless. They fussed and cussed. They complained they would take it all the way to the NWA, but that wouldnít change a thing. Boy was I glad Robert came back. I loved Ron and Jimmy, but hey this was Robert Fuller. Like I said I am a loyal wrestling fan, and I was more a Robert Fuller fan than Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden. Sorry guys, thatís just the way it is. 

Meanwhile, another "Stud Stable" member was embroiled in a bitter feud with his former partner. Arn Andersonís goal in life, at least at this point, was unmasking Mr. Olympia. They did mask matches, stretcher matches, grudge matches and finally it came to a head in a cage match in Dothan, Alabama. The cage match was special because the stipulation was Olympia had to enter the cage without his mask. If he won, he could continue to wear the mask, but if he lost, no more Mr. Olympia. In one of the most profound interviews ever in wrestling, Mr. Olympia said, "Underneath this mask is Jerry Stubbs, but I'm Mr. Olympia. Now, Jerry Stubbs has done a lot of things people don't like. Sometimes even I don't like Jerry Stubbs." Well, my friend Michael Calloway was in Dothan that night. He said Mr. Olympia came in, unmasked, kicked Arn Andersonís butt, put the mask back on and left the ring victorious and vindicated.

Lord Humongous had a feud going with Porkchop Cash over the Alabama championship. This was Jeff Van Camp, not Sid Vicious. The original Lord Humongous was a bad, bad man. He was nearly unbeatable, but Porkchop found a way to do it, and he wrested the Alabama Heavyweight Championship from Lord Humongous, albeit briefly.

"The Stud Stable" was excitement personified. Ron Fuller and the wrestlers under his charge invigorated the area, as you can see.

Now we all know about Bob Armstrongís accident with the weights, which was credited to Ted DiBiase. Although the two were feuding in Georgia, the "incident" was mentioned in Southeastern and they even showed footage of Armstrong in the hospital.

Southeastern would soon become Continental Championship Wrestling in 1985, and ushered in a new era, with new stars joining the existing ones. Mitch Lucas will, I am sure, elaborate on the continued feud between Bob Armstrong and "The Stud Stable" in his Continental stories. Heíll do a great job too. Look out for them.


Kayfabe Memories Southeastern edition will focus on guys who made a difference, but donít get the recognition they deserve. This will be special. Until next month, keep Kayfabe Alive.

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