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It only took one match for Rose to make his intentions felt, as he turned on Robert, which allowed the Sheepherders to lay a beating on him. This was step one in a bigger plan.

The Midnight Express was about to be formed. Dennis Condrey came back.  Condrey and Rose were joined by former enemy Norvel Austin. The legend was about to grow to greater heights. The Midnights were all about domination. They targeted every good guy in the area for their wrath. They feuded with Jimmy Golden and Tom Jones, Ken Lucas and Eddie Hogan and The Mongolian Stomper and Stomper Jr. over the tag team titles. They also marked Mr. Olympia specifically, and would take any opportunity to try and unmask him. 

During this time, Bob Armstrong was among the top bad guys in the area, and it would be the Midnight Express who were directly responsible for Armstrong turning good again. Brad and Scott Armstrong had defeated the Midnights for the tag belts, but Condrey and Rose would not relinquish the titles. This went on for a few weeks. Then during a confrontation at the desk between the Express and the Armstrong brothers, Bob Armstrong emerged from the bad guy dressing room with belts in hand. He tossed them to his boys and went to walk away. The Express jumped Bob and gave him a spiked piledriver on the concrete floor. The Armstrong brothers came and saved their dad, and Bob was now a good guy again after nearly a year of treachery in the area.

Pretty much the downfall of the Express can be summed up like this: INCORPORATION. Too many members watered down the product. Not that the wrestlers who were members of the Midnight Express Inc. were bad wrestlers, quite the contrary. They were very good wresters, but they just didn't fit the formula. Condrey, Rose and Austin were awesome. Adding Norman Fredrick Charles III, The Executioner, Ron Starr, Mongolian Stomper, Wayne Farris and Man Mountain Harris just did not fit the bill. They were successful no doubt about it, but it was not the same. After close to four years it was time for Condrey and Rose to split up. Condrey left the area, followed by Austin.

Rose once again stayed on, and kept the Express running for a little while longer. Soon it would go out with a whimper instead of a bang, and that was a shame. We all know that Condrey went on to huge success teaming with Bobby Eaton using the Express name. Norvel Austin formed an exciting team with Koko Ware known as the PYTs. Randy Rose bounced around before finding gold again in the AWA teaming with Doug Sommers. Condrey and Rose did reunite eventually in the AWA under the guidance of Paul E. Dangerously, and would soon show up in JCP to feud with Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane over the Express name, but it didn't last long.

This is going to be my last article for Kayfabe Memories. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my memories with you. I would like to thank Vince Fahey for giving me this forum to show the world how great Southeastern was. I hope you enjoyed these looks back as much as I did. I hope someone steps up to the plate soon and continues on with what myself and my good friend Michael Calloway have started.

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