SMW #16 Page #2

The reason they are included here is because I really think they are darn good performers and I never saw them win a match. So I guess they count as "enhancement talent."  

Last, but not least, The Wolfman. Wolfie was an odd one. With long, blonde hair and a a bushy beard, this guy would come to the ring all decked out in fur animal pelts and howl. Wolfman NEVER won, but his heart wasn't broken. He asked stars such as Buddy Landel and Tony Anthony to help him become a champion. Landel's response was a beatdown and Tony's response was like a polite person (note the word POLITE) would respond to a telemarketer. He "injured" (in the words of Bob Armstrong) his "posterior jiblet.." and couldn't compete in his dream match at FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN 1995, a first blood match against Jim Cornette, so Bob took his place. He teamed with Brad Armstrong against a Headbanger and Terry Gordy and got his first win by beating Ron Davis (who was billed from... I KID YOU NOT... A P.O. BOX!!) with all the "faces" coming to the ring to congratulate him. He was feuding with The WWF'S Jackie under her name of Sgt. Rock when SMW went out of business. Couldn't tell ya where he's at now, but I hope his time in SMW was fun. He seemed to be a genuine good guy. 

So the next time some smart aleck mentions that Jackie worked in SMW, just go "Yeah... so did the Wolfman!!!"

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