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After Dan won the match with a wicked arm bar, he and Blaze embraced in a show of sportsmanship. Old schoolers MAY disagree, but I thought that was a classy thing to do. Blaze respecting Severn as a better man that night and Severn respecting Blaze as a talented kid who someday, with a lucky break, could make it big.

The legends ceremony was next. All the legends in the building were introduced and the crowd of (sadly) 200 or so people who KNEW what wrestling was about, stood and gave them a standing ovation. It was an honor to meet these men and see them together once again. We miss you, guys...

THUGS against Gangstas was next. New Jack got on the microphone and spit at me, Mustafa threatened me with death WHILE I WAS CHEERING THEM!!! Actually, 'Stafa and I became friends and riding companions a few years later, and when I told him about that and he laughed his butt off. The THUGS stormed the ring and the fight was on. New Jack piledrove Tracy on a table outside the ring... it was brutal. Handed Tracy my cup of ice to throw at New Jack and New Jack could barely contain a laugh when TWO PIECES OF ICE came out of the cup...LOL. IIRC The THUGS won, but the match was not anywhere near in control. Damn... that's the stuff ECW used to do. Thank you also, D-LO for spitting at me.  You are also on MY Christmas card list, too, my friend. LOL.

Here's the John Hitchcock reference. Sometime earlier in the night, I approached Ricky Morton about an autograph and he completely ignored me. So, my buddy and I decide we are going to cheer for Al Snow and Unabomb in the main event steel cage match. So we sit there and the head security guy (who I affectionately called EBENEEZER the GEEZER for his lovely monologue of how New Jack broke a 14 year old boy's jaw earlier in his stint in SMW) is bringing out these pieces of 2 by 4 connected by cheap wire fence. I'm like WTF????

So after they set up the "cage" (ha ha) Snow and Unabomb come out and then the Rock and Rollers. Well, at this point, I was pretty mad at Ricky for not signing the autograph, so I start hollering the most offensive thing I can think of that makes SOME sense. ROCK AND OLD!!! ROCK AND OLD!!! ROCK AND OLD!!! Well, after they LITERALLY tear the ring apart and the RnR lose, I look Ricky right in the face and say, "THE PEOPLE OF SMW ARE TOO POOR TO BUY A REAL CAGE, HUH?" and he says to me something I will NOT repeat. It goes on and Ricky COMES OUT OF THE CAGE to where I am and proceeds to call me every filthy name he can think of (which was quite an extensive vocabulary) before going back to the dressing room, my buddy Chuck following him and wanting to kick his rear end (Ricky's tirade didn't bother me, I thought it was hilarious myself...) and ends the show with a big pelvic thrust for the fans of Charlotte, me and Chuck and another woman who flipped him off on the way back to the dressing room. SWEAR TO GOD that really happened!

You may think I didn't enjoy myself that night, but I did. It was a great card, everyone worked hard and I had a blast. In later years, Ricky and I met up, and without question, he was one of the nicest, most down to earth people I ever met. He actually played a rib on me about that night, with some help from Chris Hamrick. And Ricky... you guys are STILL one of the greatest teams in wrestling history, brother. Just chill and take it easy.  LOL.

Well, that's it, folks. I hope the next one to take over the honor of writing this column has as much fun as I did. It was great and I thank each and everyone of you who has read this. Please continue to support KM, look for my upcoming JCP columns and check out the KM Message boards. 

Warmest regards always,

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