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Tony Anthony and Jake Roberts had a double count out, this was kinda disappointing, as ANY double count out always is, but moreso, because I thought this was going to be a hot summer ticket. Of course Jake later won the belt, and scooted out of town, never to be seen again (well, in SMW). And finally we had the Monster of sorts Bruiser Bedlam (who did cool stuff like lift ALOT of weights, and smash bottles over his head) take on the Macho Man Randy Savage. This was the centerpiece of the show, and where all the hype and promotion went. After running thru most of the roster, it was really a test to see if a 'Big Name' could defeat the Human Wrecking Machine. Bedlam wasn't just a big guy wrestling, and beating the crap out of guys either....he was really a good wrestler. And the Macho Man, was just another notch in his belt, as he defeated the former World/IC champ.

I didn't get to go to Volunteer Slam 95 for some reason or other, but the hype on it was just as good as any other. In 95, SMW had a who's who on the roster...from Unabomb (Kane) to Al Snow, the Gangstas were just killing everyone, and Terry Funk who was being insane as usual....

Bobby Blaze, who had just came off of a title reign, and hot little feud with Buddy Landel, beat the Gangstas 3rd man, D'Lo Brown. The former Dixie Dy-No-Mite, Steve Armstrong defeated Buddy Landel by DQ. PG-13 beat the THUGZ (and I'm not positive if they actually called themselves that at that point, but Smothers/Anthony) with the USWA tag straps on the line. Boo Bradley beat Killer Kyle in a Dog Collar Match. The unlikely team of Bob Armstrong and Terry Funk beat The Gangstas. And in singles matches, Robert Gibson beat Unabomb in a falls count anywhere match, and Ricky Morton defeated Al Snow in a Scaffold match.

I will elaborate more on some of these angles at another point in time, but that's a brisk overview of the Main Show that SMW did, annually, Volunteer Slam. For further questions, post on the Kayfabe Memories Forum in the SMW section, and I'll try to answer any questions best I can.


We'll take a look at the Thrillseekers, and their 6 months in SMW and what sort of impact it had.

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