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The finals took place after an added tag team attraction for the night.  It was Brian Lee, a man who earned his way to this spot and was pushed amazingly and over as well, versus "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, a long time veteran of the ring whom has competed in just about every territory and big league.

This was expected in the fact that SMW was the wrestling the way "it used to be" so you knew a heel vs. face final was coming. The match was wild and bloody. Lee was spewing blood like Cactus Jack near the end of this one.  An almost disgusting bloody covered canvas would explain the match in itself (BRUTAL as hell) but around the 10 minute mark Orndorff had thrown everything he had left at Lee and Brian just refused to quit. This would leave Paul frustrated, so frustrated in fact he would unleash his deadly Leaping Piledriver, which in the promotion was illegal. Needless to say, Lee got the best of Paul and Orndorff just forgot all about the rules.  Even though it was certain that Mr. Wonderful just delivered the one move that would surely knock out Prime Time, by the point that Paul realized what was going on, the referee called for the bell. Orndorff had been disqualified.  After the match decision was made, Paul snapped and continued beating Brian Lee whom at this time was more bloody than you'd imagine. Lee would emerge as champion no matter how many piledrivers Orndorff would deliver. Afterwards, Lee cut a promo backstage while blood drenched, assuring he would defend his title like a champion.  He did so for the next three months until August when he met the likes of the DWB... but that's another story.


We'll recap the SMW's Tag Team Title Tournament which would decide the first tag team champions in the region. 

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