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Also on the show in title bouts, Al Snow defeated MTW Heavyweight Champ Marty Jannetty to become the new champion in a classic 30:00 encounter, NWA Heavyweight Champ Dan Severn made quick work of current CAPW Heavyweight Champ Bobby Blaze via submission in only 4:04 & Brad Armstrong defeated USWA Heavyweight Champ Billy Jack Haynes in 9:32 to capture the belt and bring it to the USWA.

Speaking of title matches, in what was one of the bloodiest bouts I've ever seen SMW Tag Champs Tracey Smothers & Dirty White Boy were defeated by the Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Ray) in 21:27 after Del Ray pinned DWB.

In another Tag Team match the team of Terry Gordy & Tommy Rich defeated Boo Bradley (Balls Mahoney) & the legendary Mongolian Stomper in 10:56 when Rich pinned Boo.

At this point it was time for the double main event in which both matches pitted a WWF Superstar vs. a SMW superstar. First, it was the Undertaker who tombstoned and defeated Unabom (later renamed the UT's brother Kane) in 14:46. As if this wasn't enough the SMW would grant one more dream match for the SMW fans where they would see WWF IC Champ Shawn Michaels take on SMW's own, Buddy Landel. The bout was received with great heat and the crowd never died regardless of the heat and lateness of the time. Landel put on his working boots this night looking as good as HBK. After a near 15:00 grueling encounter the referee of the bout took a bump and was out for a few moments. During this time Jim Cornette attempted to interfere for his man, Landel, but it was thwarted off. Landel was then able to hit his infamous Corkscrew elbow for what seemed to be an easy 3 count. However, on the count of 2 referee Mark Curtis stopped the count noticing a tennis racquet in the ring questioning interference. While arguing with the ref., Landel allowed HBK to regain momentum and by the time he turned around it was Shawn Michael's sweet chin music that put Landel to rest for the three count. Needless to say, directly after Landel split from the Cornette camp. This was a major angle in the SMW and as I pointed out at the above the most important & memorable show in the history of their company.


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