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This was right up the " Funker's " alley, as he was, and still is, in his own words, "... tougher than shoe leather and meaner than a rattlesnake..."  Funk and Armstrong beat the hell out of each other with anything that wasn't nailed down. To put it in perspective for those who weren't there or didn't watch on TV after the match, if blood were water, the match would've looked like Niagara Falls, because even Bob Armstrong was bleeding UNDER the hood he was wearing. This match was also where Terry Funk performed his first " moonsault ". Funk's efforts were all for nothing though, as Armstrong rose to his feet before the ref counted ten and defeated Terry Funk to allow " Bullet " Bob to stay in SMW. 

A little over a year later, in May of 1995, Bob Armstrong and Jim Cornette had united to fight the Gangstas, New Jack and Musatfa Saed. Jim Cornette told Bob Armstrong he would bring in Terry Funk to be Armstrong's partner in a Texas Death match against the Gangstas. Cornette guaranteed Funk would not turn on Armstrong and put of fifty thousand dollars of his own money as collateral. Cornette said if Terry Funk turned on Armstrong during the match and they were defeated by the Gangstas, then Jim Cornette would reimburse the ticket money of everyone who paid to watch the match.

Needless to say, Funk and Armstrong defeated the Gangstas that night. After the match, Jim Cornette made this speech: " It's taken a long time... it's been six months to get even with those no-good bastards! But I finally did that tonight. I owe a debt of thanks to Terry Funk, but most of all to you Bob Armstrong... and to show you how grateful I am and how I feel about you 'Bullet' Bob... I got a little gift for you..." At that point, " Corny " gave Bob Armstrong his gift, which turned out to be a blazing ball of fire to his face. Armstrong was severely beaten by Cornette, Funk, and Buddy Landel and the Punisher who had stormed the ring. The Armstrong- Cornette war was in full effect again. It cooled off only upon the death of SMW in Nov. 1995.

Personally, I hope Bob Armstrong reads this column and for some reason or another decides to visit an " old friend " who is currently working around the Ohio area. It doesn't seem right that they are both still drawing breath and not at each other's throats.


The Gangstas

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