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In one of the most hilarious promos ever in all of wrestling, The Gangstas, along with D-Lo Brown and "Killer" Mark Kyle went to a GRAVEYARD to prove they weren't scared of The Undertaker. ( This was before Taker's AMERICAN BAD ASS gimmick, by the way... when he was the living dead...) New Jack asked each of the guys were they scared to go in. D-Lo and Kyle both replied that they weren't. New Jack asked Mustafa and Mustafa said " I ain't going in there... " and turned to leave. The common misconception was that New Jack was the brains of the team... the hell with that, I'm with Mustafa on that on. I'm not planning on going to a cemetery when I DIE ... much less poke around with dead people I don't even know! New Jack was talking trash as only the original Gangsta could do! He was in rare form. D-Lo said, "I heard something..." New Jack scoffed. It was priceless to see a black cat come out and scare four of the meanest men in wrestling. It was a great promo.

New Jack cut another promo about the Undertaker coming to SMW in which he stated the Undertaker would need to go through D-Lo to fight him. D-Lo was like, " What? " and shook his head no. New Jack said he would have to also get through " Killer " Kyle, to which Kyle also shook his head no. When New Jack said the Undertaker would have to go through Mustafa to fight him, Mustafa gave a very audible "NOOOOOO... OH NO!" 

The match was on with Bob Armstrong and Tracy Smothers and the Undertaker taking on the Gangstas. Before the match, the Gangstas hurt Armstrong so it was a handicap match, three on two , in favor of the Gangstas. Smothers and Taker won however, despite the odds , and yet still the Gangstas kept talking trash.

Tracy Smothers and Tony Anthony formed the T.H.U.G.S to battle the Gangstas. ( T was for Terrible, H was for Hell, U was for Ugly and G was for jail, because as Tracy Smothers said... A THUG KANT SPELL!) Man, those were some awesome matches. ECW gets a lot of credit for their specialty matches, but those four guys put on a great show in old fashion street fights. I actually saw more legit wrestling moves in a Kevin Nash-Hulk Hogan match ( haha) but, their intensity was awesome!

Looking back on the days when the Gangstas worked in SMW, folks may have hated them. However, they brought a new feel to the area that had been sorely missing since the Heavenly Bodies had been forced to depart several months earlier. (Brian Lee and Chris Candido as SMW champions? Oy Vey... I'm surprised Cornette didn't go broke from THAT alone!) Gangstas, at least one fan missing the old days. You guys were the best as causing havoc... and excitement. Thanks for the memories.


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