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Another really good promo came after Snow and Unabomb won the titles from Ricky and Robert. Snow had injured Ricky's neck with several piledrivers en route to winning the tag team titles. Snow and Unabomb came out with a coffin on an interview with Les Thatcher. The coffin was for Ricky's career, Snow said. He needed chalk to draw a line around Ricky's body and a hammer and a nail to seal the coffin shut. But Ricky needed to be remembered Snow said. (When he told the people to put their hands on the back of the TV to REALLY FEEL THE POWER of his words and his sermon... I knew he was missing a few house payments, if you catch my drift).  So, Snow "buried" with Ricky some rock and roll music, a bandana and a sexy teddy. You read correctly folks... women's underwear, as Snow SWORE Ricky Morton was a transvestite. 

Robert came out and defended his " injured " friend and was double teamed by Snow and Unabomb and put in the coffin. A scaffold match was signed between Snow and Morton, which Morton won. Ricky and Al put on a fairly good show on the scaffold. After the match, Snow and Unabomb hung Morton from the side of the scaffold and then cut a promo about having a pinata party and inviting the Guerreros to join them (Snow was the type of guy who if you made the remark THANK GOD he would've said "You're Welcome").

Snow and Unabomb held the titles until they were defeated by the T.H.U.G.'s in July. This started a series of verbal confrontations between the RnR Express and the T.H.U.G.'s. It would've been interesting to see Snow and Unabomb regain the straps, but the WWF had signed Jacobs to play a dentist character and the stage was set for his departure from SMW at FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN 95. The titles went from T.H.U.G.'s to the returning Heavenly Bodies and Snow was assigned to back up duty in Cornette's "militia". In Nov of 1995, Snow debuted in the WWF as Avatar as Smoky Mountain Wrestling shut it doors once and for all.

It was a great run Al Snow had in SMW. I was sorry to see it end. And I am referring BOTH to Smoky Mountain Wrestling AND Al Snow's nine month stint there.


I'll talk about the feud between the Rock and Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies

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