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Cornette was incensed. He knew The Bodies were superior to RnR, so he signed a match for The Bluegrass Brawl where the loosing TEAM had to leave SMW. Now, Cornette, not learning his lesson from signing such a match with another one of his guys ( what WAS his name anyway? ) losing to Ricky and Robert and having to leave SMW was throwing caution to the wind on this one.

Before 2,000 frenzied and rabid fans in Pikeville, Kentucky, Cornette hoped to end a feud that had been going for nearly a decade... Cornette and the Rock-N-Roll Express. In a dramatic ending, Ricky Morton reversed an attempted powerbomb by Jimmy Del Ray for the three count, to effectively end The Heavenly Bodies' SMW wrestling career.

The aftermath was an undisclosed high school. Cornette and The Bodies storm out of a gym locker room where a big meeting took place with the SMW Board of Directors ( yeah, right! ) The Bodies ranted and raved about how they were screwed out of the victory. It was quite funny, knowing they were complaining about leaving an area where they made a hundred a night (IF that ) to the WWF and big bucks. Then Cornette took over the interview. I swear, my eyes filled with tears when Cornette gave his speech (I was "marking out " BIG TIME!!!).  Cornette congratulated Morton and Gibson and promised them there would be another fight left between the two teams. As Bob's Seger's THE FAMOUS FINAL SCENE played in the background and Prichard and Del Ray hugged Cornette goodbye and walked away, the tears flowed freely down my face.

My term paper for English that semester? " THE HEAVENLY BODIES SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO SMOKY MOUNTAIN WRESTLING. " I got an " A ". Thanks, Ms. Tarenko. (You still have the prettiest legs of any teacher at Methodist College... ) And thank you RnR and Bodies. Great matches and promos make great memories. By the way, Cornette... you made a promise that Spring day in April of 1994. Lets see Bodies vs RnR again soon. I think that would be the best New Year's resolution of all.


I'll tell you the story of The T.H.U.G.S., Tracey Smothers and Tony Anthony.

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