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This was followed up by a Tag Title Tournament held the month before where The Heavenly Bodies defeated the Fantastics in the finals. Throughout '92, the Bodies would capture the Tag titles four times while feuding with the Rock 'n Roll Express and The Fantastics in two epic feuds of that year. Fire on the Mountain was the second big show of the first year, and saw the SMW Heavyweight Title change from Brian Lee to a heel Dirty White Boy (Tony Anthony), who would carry the title from August until the end of the year. The third and final big show of SMW's first year was Thanksgiving Thunder. It was arguably their biggest card of the year with the main event featuring the Rock 'n Roll Express defeating the Bodies for the tag titles inside a barbed wire ring match.


'93 featured several infamous men of the sport coming into the area, among them Kevin Sullivan, The Big Bossman, Bob Armstrong, and The Mongolian Stomper. '93 saw one last tag title change when the Original Heavenly Bodies lost to the Rock 'n Roll Express. Stan Lane was pinned during a loser leaves town cage match and Lane left the promotion for good. With the Rock n Roll's looking for a team to feud with, Jim Cornette brought in the Bruise Brothers (DOA,Harris Bothers). The titles would again switch numerous times between the two teams before the Heavenly Bodies re-emerged this time having Tom Pritchard team with Jimmy Del Ray. On the Heavyweight scene, the Dirty White Boy dropped the belt to Tracey Smothers, who would in return lose the belt to the original champion, Brian Lee, in the later part of the year. During the year, six major shows were held throughout the SMW region. They were: Bluegraas Brawl, Volunteer Slam II, Last Tango in Tennessee, Fire on the Mountain II, K-Town Showdown, and Thanksgiving Thunder II, which featured the debut of Prince Kahris, a gimmick that would later QUICKLY FLOP.


1994 brought in Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Terry Funk, the Gangstas and the team formation and heel turn of Brian Lee and partner Chris Candido.  During 1994, Tony Anthony again won the Heavyweight title by once more defeating Brian Lee. In May of that year, Jake Roberts slithered his was into a title match and scored the belt for nearly two months before losing it back to the Dirty White Boy. The tag team scene was very hot and heavy with title changes back and forth from the Bodies, the Rock 'n Roll Express, Candido and Lee and the Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa). A racial angle was used by the Gangstas and Terry Funk was even brought in to oust the team from SMW. We saw the alliance of Cornette and Bullet Bob Armstrong, which lead to a wild bloody encounter between Armstrong and Funk. '94 once again contained six big shows and saw SMW's debut in Marietta, GA. Some of the shows held that year were Sunday Bloody Sunday, Volunteer Slam 3, BluegrassBrawl 3, Thanksgiving Thunder 3, Christmas Chaos and the biggest show of the year, The Night of Legends, held in August.  This show featured tons of rival bouts from present and yester-year and included a Knoxville awards ceremony and great history coverage.


Sadly, this would be Cornette's last year running his regional Promotion… but that didn't keep him down. Although the attendance started to slip, the wrestling sure didn't. The competition had gotten bigger and new champions were crowned. Throughout the final 11 months of the promotion, Eddie Gilbert would enter SMW and debut his Unabomb (kane) to feud with the Rock 'n Rolls.

However, Gilbert quickly left, which forced SMW to hire Al Snow on as Unabomb's new partner. After four months of a feud and great promos cut by Snow, they were able to dethrone the Rock 'n Rolls for the tag titles and would hold onto the titles from April until July when they lost them to the THUGS (Smothers and Anthony). A month later, the Heavenly Bodies would return from their hiatus, from the WWF, and capture the gold once more, which they held until the promotion was suspended in November. For the first time in the promotion's history, the Heavyweight title changed more times that year than the tag title. With six different changes, we saw it go from DWB to Jerry Lawler and then to Bobby Blaze and Buddy Landel in one night. This was during the infamous USWA/SMW war, which saw the two promotions do battle to see who ruled the Tennessee territory. Although there was no big outcome, the title would next go to Brad Armstrong, who held the title from August until October when he lost it to Terry Gordy. Gordy lost it back to Brad who then went on to lose it to "Wildfire" Tommy Rich just 10 days before the promotion was suspended on November 25, 1995.

Several major cards were held this year including all the annual shows plus the biggest show in SMW history... THE SUPERBOWL OF WRESTLING. This card featured top stars from many promotions in the United States including wrestlers like The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty, the HeadBangers, PG-13, D-Lo Brown, Dan Severn, Terry Gordy and many more. The main event featured WWF I.C. champ at the time Shawn Michaels taking on SMW's Buddy Landel. Landel would have gotten a clean cover but due to a ref bump and Landel's own manager's antics, Landel was distracted, enabling Michaels to hit the superkick for the three-count. Afterwards Landel left Camp Cornette and turned face in his last few months with the promotion. The promotion sadly closed on November 25, 1995 after the Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Thunder was held. Cornette then became a full time employee of the WWF and SMW's stars were sent in different directions, some becoming huge stars while others were sadly forgotten.


We will cover the SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament from 1992 and it's first ever Heavyweight Champion "Primetime" Brian Lee.

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