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Just recently, I caught an episode of “Classic St. Louis Wrestling” from September 1981 which showed the last few minutes of Ric Flair’s title win over Dusty Rhodes from Kansas City, with Lou Thesz as Special Referee. Great stuff, indeed.  

Another reason why NWA title matches in St. Louis were special was because of the feeling that “on any given night, anything can happen”.  Knowing what I know today, there was no way that King Kong Brody, Dick the Bruiser, Gene Kiniski (in 1982, anyway) were going to win the “ten pounds of gold”. But, but, as a teen-aged fan in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I (& a whole lot of other fans) “believed”.  When Bruiser got a fall on Flair in 1982, I believed he might Bruiser could do it. When Flair was bumping like mad and blading for Brody, I believed that Brody might do it. And that, fellow fans, is the beauty of kayfabe. Loved it then, miss it now. See you next month and on the KM St. Louis board! 

Some references to read about St. Louis NWA title defenses: 

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