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As all good things come to an end and with regional promotions all over the U.S. closing their doors, USA All-Star soon followed suit. While many will attest that the hostile like expansion of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is responsible for the demise of the San Antonio and other regional territories, I was given a fairly more down to earth explanation by six-time NWA world champion Lou Thesz. He states that the following was the cause, "Basic problems - expensive talent, talent wars and lack of interest. When an operation becomes successful, the talent often gets greedy and there are divisions in the ranks. The biggest problem was the lack of rotation. (Wrestlers) don't move from territory to territory because they like to travel. It is good business, so personalities and egos don't clash after overexposure".

This is as good as any other explanation out there. However, if there is more to this story behind the closing of this once great organization we may never truly know, for not many people are talking. Maybe one day we'll get the definitive answer but until that time comes I hope to keep TAS alive and well here at Kayfabe Memories. Until next time, take care and stay old school.


We'll look more in depth look at the talent of TAS.

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