WWA-Indianapolis #10 Page #2

November 5, 1976
Ft. Wayne, IN

Bruiser beat The Strangler in a non-title match
Bounty Hunters beat Christy & Cholak
Starr beat La Pantera
Bold Eagle drew Johny Starr

November 19, 1976
Terre Haute, IN

Christy & Cholak beat The Bounty Hunters in a lumberjack match
The Strangler beat Bold Eagle
Huber & Regal beat Starr & Kent
Pantera beat Blackie Guzman

December 29, 1976
Terre Haute, IN

Bruiser pinned Strangler in a non-title cage match
Bounty Hunters beat Snyder & Ox Baker
Choalk pinned Starr
Eagle drew Col. Buck Robely

Let's go to 1977

January 8
Hammond, IN

Snyder & Cholak beat Bounty Hunters in a non-title bout
Chris Taylor over The Strangler by DQ
Ivan Koloff beat Paul Christy

January 13
Ft. Wayne, IN

Sheik DDQ Bruiser
Strangler beat Ox Baker
Bounty Hunters beat Brazil & Cholak
Christy beat Kent

February 18
Champaign, IL

Snyder beat Strangler in a cage match! Snyder in a cage???
Koloff beat Cholak
Huber & Regal beat Starr & Jimmy Valiant
Christy beat Max Blue

Still in 1977

July 1
Elwood, IN

Cholak & Snyder beat The New Strangler & Jim Valiant
Huber drew Igor Volkoff (AKA Soldier LeBoeff)
El Bracero beat Pantera

July 22
Elnora, IN

Koloff vs. Snyder DCOR
Jim Valiant beat Paul Christy
Huber & Regal beat Jon Valiant & Igor Volkoff
El Bracero beat Dutch Savage (not the Dutch Savage)

July 25
Champaign, IL

Valiants beat Bruiser & Christy
Pedro Morales beat the Strangler
Bracero drew Igor Volkoff
Huber beat Jack Cougar
Regal beat Duke George by dq

July 26
Paris, IL

Bruiser beat Jim Valiant by dq
Morales beat Jon Valiant
Huber & Regal beat Pantera & ChiChi Rodriguez
Cougar beat Tom DeMarco

August 13
Austin, IN

Bruiser-Christy-Cholak beat Jim Valiant-Strangler-Igor Volkoff
Huber drew Regal
Duke George beat DeMarco
Bracero beat Dutch Savage

Now to 1979

January 4, 1979
Ft. Wayne, IN

Huber wins Battle Royal
Snyder & Gomez beat Kirby & Bobby Heenan
Brazil beat Madman Mitchell
Christy beat Bold Eagle
Huber beat Jim Grabmire
Cholak beat Black Saint
Bracero beat Rocky Guerrero
Starr beat Pedro Gonzales

January 26
Vincennes, IN

Mitchell & Kirby beat Bold Eagle & Bruiser
Huber over Christy
Gomez pinned Starr
Starr drew Bracero

January 27
Greenfield, IN

Bruiser & Huber ddq Heenan & Christy
Mitchell pinned Gomez
Kirby beat Starr
Eagle drew Bracero

March 8
Ft. Wayne, IN

Bruiser DDQ Christy
Kirby & Volkoff beat Gomez & Brazil
Cholak beat Pantera
Huber beat Rodeo Jones
Starr beat Savage

March 29
Ft. Wayne, IN

Upset night here!

Lumberjack Match
Kirby & Christy beat Bruiser & Cholak
Brazil DDQ Volkoff
Jim Grabmire pinned Pepper Gomez!!!
Huber beat Starr
Doorknob Nixon drew Bracero

Now on to 1980.

May 23, 1980
Ft. Wayne, IN

Bruiser over Brody by DQ
Huber beat Jerry Valiant
Cholak & Brazil beat Grabmire & Kirby
Rev. Hampton beat Tom Lynch
Graham, Jr. Drew Luis Martinez

May 24
Hammond, IN

Brody & Jerry Valiant over Huber & Bruiser by COR
Brazil beat Rev. Hampton
Graham, Jr. beat Lynch
Kirby DDQ Cholak

June 7
Hammond, IN

Bruiser & Brazil beat Hampton & Christy
Cholak beat Graham, Jr.
Sheldon Leonard (???)  drew Sheik Akbar
Greg Lake beat Bobby Vann

June 28
Springfield, IL

Texas death match
Bruiser pinned Ernie Ladd
Kirby & Jerry Valiant beat Cholak & Huber
Brazil beat Hampton
Ali Hassan beat Greg Lake
Black Saint drew Max Blue

Now to 1982

November 26
Ft. Wayne, IN

Bruiser beat Kimala, The Ugandan Giant
Regal & Huber nc Troy Graham & Rick McGraw
Dutch Mantell pinned Crusher Broomfield (later One Man Gang)
Terry Taylor beat The Angel
Jerry Roberts beat Max Blue

November 27
North Vernon, IN

Bruiser-Huber-Regal beat The Angel-Troy Graham-Rick McGraw
Terry Taylor pinned Abdullah the Great
Dutch Mantell pinned Crusher Broomfield
Jerry Roberts pinned Max Blue

A bunch of old wrestling results for the results' freaks. Back to the old format next month.


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